Works of Art: Hair, Beauty & Salon Marketing

Your Marketing Should be a Work of Art

Do you treat your marketing as a work of art, or just another item on your “to-do” list?

Let me ask you something: Are the people who work for your salon employees or artists?

The best in the salon industry are those who turn what they do into a work of art. To them, it’s not just cutting hair, but transforming a woman into a goddess. When you hire, you look for these artists that take pride in their craft and are experts in color, cuts and treatment services.

So shouldn’t your marketing be a work of art as well?

Remember, marketing is simply how your salon communicates with the world. The communication you establish with current and potential clients influences their impression of your salon. Beautiful, artistic marketing comes from salons that make their clients beautiful. Rushed, sloppy marketing comes from salons that do a mediocre job.

Do you have high quality in-store signage {window clings, mirror talkers, pop displays}?

Do your appointment cards, menus or other salon collateral look professional and impart beauty?

Does your website have high quality images, design and content?

Do you have professionally designed promotional campaigns integrated both in-store and online?

Do you use a premium email marketing program and content?

Turn your marketing into a work of art. Hire professionals like BeautyMark Marketing, a full-service, boutique-sized creative services agency with extreme passion and extensive expertise in both cosmetic and salon industries. Our Ready-To-Wear Campaigns make salon marketing simple. Spending the few extra dollars shows your clients you go the extra mile.

If you want to stand out from all the other salons, your marketing should be a work of art just as much as your services.