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We Get Your Appointment Books Filled Through Specialized Salon Branding and Marketing Services

When you’re looking for a creative marketing agency to help you bring new clients to your salon, don’t settle for an agency that you have to explain your business to. The average digital marketing agency won’t have the expertise or the resources you need to build a pulled together brand experience that’s truly going to speak to your target audience. BeautyMark Marketing can help you get clients in chairs with a specialized approach informed by more than 25 years of experience in the industry. We know beauty as a business, and we know how to make your salon stand out, not only among your local competition, but also in a market oversaturated with different brands all competing for attention from the same audience.

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About Us

We Only Work with Beauty Entrepreneurs

Kierna Terrisse launched BeautyMark Marketing more than 10 years ago with a vision to raise the bar on the salon industry. She brings an extensive background working with prestigious, international beauty brands including Stila Cosmetics, Il Makiage, and Chanel Beaute to elevate the branding and creative services we can offer to your salon. There are no other agencies like BeautyMark out there—we only work with beauty entrepreneurs to help them make their mark on the industry.

Our Services

Whether you need a full brand redesign or a website refresh, we can help. We offer the complete package of services you need to reach your audience.
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Digital Marketing

Social media marketing, copywriting, paid advertising, email marketing, and SEO… we do it all! In the vast digital landscape, it’s essential to know how and where you can reach new clients. We’ll make sure you have a strong presence everywhere that it counts.

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Website Design

Your website is the centerpiece of your online presence, and it will often be the first place new clients encounter your business. We build and maintain beautiful websites that offer the visual experience you’d expect from a high-end beauty brand.

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Creative Services

Branding is what brings your marketing strategy together, and we offer complete brand identity packages to help you charm your clients with every interaction. From digital resources to physical marketing materials, we offer the complete package with designs customized to your unique style.

Let's Chat

Book Time with Kierna

Ready to get started? The first step is a discovery chat with Kierna. Book time for your 30-minute strategy session on Kierna’s calendar.

If scheduling a call is too difficult due to your packed schedule, email me directly at kierna@beautymarkmarketing.com

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We Want to Raise the Bar on the Salon Industry

Successful salons don’t just sell services; they sell an experience. Remember—you’re not just up against other salons in your area. You’re up against beauty brands with worldwide recognition and entire marketing departments at their disposal. BeautyMark can put resources into your hands that will help you bring your brand to that next level.

Too many salons struggle with a lack of cohesive branding to convey the experience they offer to potential clients and get chairs filled. Alternatively, some salons may have their branding together but simply don’t have the time or expertise to pull off a complete digital marketing strategy. We can make the difference for your salon and separate your brand from the crowd.

We’re here to provide the specialized marketing services you need to give you a chance to stand out in one of the most competitive industries out there. Even more importantly, it’s our passion. We have fun with what we do and enjoy every minute of it. As a result, the process is completely approachable for salon owners.

DIY Marketing Ebook

Beauty of a Book

Beauty of a Book is our comprehensive guide to help you focus in on the right channels and promotions to generate a steady flow of clients in your salon year-round. Developed through 11 years of providing digital marketing services exclusively to beauty businesses, this eBook is exactly what you need to get your marketing strategy on track.

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