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Salon marketing is a specialized service, but too often, salon owners are left wanting more when they turn to local, jack-of-all-trades marketing agencies. These agencies simply don’t know the industry and don’t have the resources to help you make your mark. BeautyMark Marketing focuses only on the beauty industry, so we know exactly how to frame your brand’s imagery, messaging, and digital marketing strategies to your target audience. We aim to raise the bar on salon marketing, offering an elevated branded experience to get clients through your door.

BeautyMark can change the way you think about your branding with the best marketing strategies for hair salons and spas. Our creative agency is headed by Kierna Terrisse, who brings an extensive background in the beauty industry to our digital marketing services.

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Kierna Terrisse

The Brains Behind the Beauty

Kierna attended Parson’s School of Design in New York City, earning her degree in Marketing Design. It was within this program that she found her true calling in the industry with an internship on 57th and 5th Ave at the most coveted fashion and beauty brand in the world, Chanel Beauté. From there, she landed her role at Il Makiage Cosmetics as Assistant Creative Director and VP of Marketing, creating collections, writing press releases, and meeting with Elle and Vogue magazine Beauty Editors. She then moved on to become Creative Services Director at Stila Cosmetics, which was later purchased by Estee Lauder Companies. With this transition, Kierna was now Creative Director and brand “Keeper of the Crest” appointed to solidify and create a consistent recognizable expression of Stila’s unique brand proposition and sense of style across multiple channels around the world as distribution expanded at a furious pace via Estee Lauder Companies global expansion.

Seeking a new challenge, Kierna moved back to the private sector as Business Development Director for Salon Lux, a two location combination salon and spa. She infused new vitality and glamour back into Salon Lux at every touch point to elevate their salon status and facilitate a cosmetic facelift for both locations. From there, she was recruited by a NYC web design firm to bring Creative Services to their web design service offerings to a prestigious roster of high-end Aveda salons and spas.

With this extensive background in the industry, Kierna launched BeautyMark Marketing more than 10 years ago as one of very few agencies specializing in digital marketing for beauty entrepreneurs. Flash forward to today—Kierna is completely in her element as she helps salons across the U.S. perfect their branding and stand out in an over-saturated industry. When it comes to beauty as a business, your brand is everything. Kierna and her team of digital marketing specialists, web designers, and brand development partners are ready to deliver the exceptional, consistent, polished design your business needs to make its mark.

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We Want to Raise the Bar on the Salon Industry

Successful salons don’t just sell services; they sell an experience. Remember—you’re not just up against other salons in your area. You’re up against beauty brands with worldwide recognition and entire marketing departments at their disposal. BeautyMark can put resources into your hands that will help you bring your brand to that next level.

Too many salons struggle with a lack of cohesive branding to convey the experience they offer to potential clients and get chairs filled. Alternatively, some salons may have their branding together but simply don’t have the time or expertise to pull off a complete digital marketing strategy. We can make the difference for your salon and separate your brand from the crowd.

We’re here to provide the specialized marketing services you need to give you a chance to stand out in one of the most competitive industries out there. Even more importantly, it’s our passion. We have fun with what we do and enjoy every minute of it. As a result, the process is completely approachable for salon owners.

DIY Marketing Ebook

Beauty of a Book

Beauty of a Book is our comprehensive guide to help you focus in on the right channels and promotions to generate a steady flow of clients in your salon year-round. Developed through 11 years of providing digital marketing services exclusively to beauty businesses, this eBook is exactly what you need to get your marketing strategy on track.