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Finely Tuned Marketing Made for Beauty Entrepreneurs

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BeautyMark Marketing isn’t your typical local marketing agency servicing any client that might come knocking. We only provide marketing services for businesses in the beauty industry, and that’s exactly the level of expertise you need for your salon to stand out. Most salons don’t have the resources to take on high-end marketing tasks in house, and most digital marketing agencies don’t have the industry knowledge or experience to truly connect with your target audience. BeautyMark Marketing is different. We are ready to help you raise the bar for your marketing approach, so you can make a lasting impression on your target audience to get your appointment book filled.

We get the beauty industry—you don’t have to explain your business to us.

If you’ve worked with a marketing agency before, you may have had the frustrating experience of explaining what your business does and who your audience is before you can get your campaign off the ground. Here at BeautyMark Marketing, we understand the industry because that’s where our roots are. Our founder, Kierna Terrisse, has a degree in Marketing Design from Parson’s School of Design, and she’s worked with brands like Il Makiage, Stila Cosmetics, and Aveda as a Business Development Director, so she knows the essentials of branding your business.

Our clients are exclusively beauty entrepreneurs, which is why we can bring the best marketing strategies for hair salons and spas to your campaign. Plus, Kierna and her team of digital marketing specialists, brand designers and web development partners do it all—beautiful web design, social media management, email marketing, digital advertising, social ads, and brand identity packages.

beauty salon social media expert Kierna Terrisse

We can elevate your salon marketing to meet high industry standards.

When it comes to advertising salon services, there’s a level of luxury that’s expected from your clients. Think about the brands you carry in your salon—they create a statement through their packaging, social media content, websites, and physical displays. Every piece of your own marketing strategy should accurately reflect your brand and resonate with your current and future clients.

We’re on a mission to raise the bar on the salon industry with specialized marketing services that bring years of expertise to the table.

Client Testimonials

I love everything about BeautyMark Marketing. I was so lucky I found them through random search on internet. They branded my company, our success wouldn’t have been possible without their help!! I chose them after I met a lot of marketing / branding company, Seriously they’re the BEST, it’s the best investment I’ve ever made


Mai Lash Bar NYC

BeautyMark Marketing was a great resource for us and Kierna a pleasure to work with. Your work is great and for sure use us as a reference if needed. We need a website makeover soon!


BloGo Blow Dry Bar & Salon

The design process and your team's intuition are so remarkable! Details and evoking emotion are the most important for my brand. It's crazy wonderful how you just nailed it - from the background art to the layout, the communication and creative direction - you put my best version of my business out there in such a fabulous way! I am so proud to put my logo everywhere! It's very obvious that you are a genius at knowing what appeals to my prospective clients. I felt so excited during the process and absolutely thrilled with the results. Thank you!!



The brand identity look came out very nice. It is a total WOW to us. Every one loves it. We love the site and we appreciate all of your professional design input and hard work. Thank you so much!


Sixth Sense Spa & Nail Lounge

The launch was great! Our gift card sales end up 2-3x more when you post on our social media. Just wanted to pass along encouragement and thanks.


Purluxe Beauty Bar

I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate your positive postings on our behalf. You’ve done a great job with the images and the messages! Thank you.
Our new website looks terrific! Thank you. Love the reviews and link to IG on the home page!


Ongaro Beauty

I really do love the look and feel of the final brand we ended up with. The packaging design out strong and sleek.



We have been working on updating our new site for quite some time, and thanks to Beauty Mark Marketing, it's finally here! We LOVE how it turned out and that it's so user-friendly. We hope it makes booking easier than ever for you. Let us know what you think.


Midwest Brows and Beauty


We specialize in salon marketing and bring years of industry expertise to your campaigns.

We’ll elevate your marketing strategy to a higher standard.

We offer comprehensive branding services.

We help you build trust in your brand through polished, luxury marketing materials that keep your salon on your clients’ minds.

Other Agencies

They recycle the same strategies for every client, no matter what industry they’re in.

They see you as just a number and don't know how to get better business results.

Their experience and services are limited to only solve some of your needs.

They offer a one-and-done strategy without ongoing support to refine your brand messaging.

We aren’t a “one and done” branding and design agency.

With other marketing agencies, it’s not uncommon to get a package of services and never hear from the agency again. Or, even if they do offer ongoing services like social media management, they don’t fine-tune their approach to cater to evolving trends and a changing marketplace. Even worse, they charge for every minute of their time spent on brand consulting. At BeautyMark Marketing, we truly want to see your business grow and thrive, and we know that a one and done approach won’t help you reach your goals. We’ll guide you with advice and consulting that goes well beyond basic marketing services, and we won’t charge you for that extra insight—it’s just part of what we do.

A woman filing another women's fingernails at a salon station

If you’re ready to see the difference that specialized branding and design can make for your salon, contact BeautyMark Marketing today for a brand consultation.

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