We Develope Custom Salon Websites To Suit Your Needs

BeautyMark Marketing creates only beautiful custom salon websites, never templated. The first step of any project is to determine your web site design & development needs and desires to ensure we produce a website that truly suits your needs.

Find here the questionnaire and follow-up consultation that kick-starts all new web projects at BMM:


Do you have existing brand elements (logo, co-brand logo/s, patterns, images, illustrations, etc) that can be provided as brand representation? Please provide all necessary files.


What companies or brands have a look and feel you admire and why?


Do you have a preferred color or a color scheme you would like incorporated? If yes, please provide. If you need color inspiration check out our color boards at http://pinterest.com/bmmarketing/


If you have a font preference (web friendly font), please indicate it here. If you need font ideas check out fonts.com (its fine to have no preference)


Please list 5 websites you like (they do not have to be in the same business realm). Include the URL, what you like about each site.


Do you have any definite remarks on what you DON’T want to have on your website?


Please prepare word docs of all written content for the following pages:


About Us

Salon Services

Bridal Services


Contact Us

Instant Gift Card

Tips on creating content:

If you are creating content in-house, keep these important facts in mind. Keep your average sentence length under 20 words and keep paragraphs short. One subject per paragraph; one idea per sentence. Well-written, relevant content is crucial to establishing good SEO. 

If a potential client were searching for a salon like yours, what search words or phrases might they use? Include all the search terms you can think of into your content.

Please provide no more than one letter page of text for each and every page of your website. {Please note BeautyMark offers copywriting services if needed}


Please supply us with all images you wish to “illustrate” your brand with for your website; EVERY page! Supply all images as .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png or .tif files.

tip: Images of the exterior and interior of salon are very engaging, please include. The more images the better – if in doubt, send it to us anyway.

tip: Let us know if you wish to have us source royalty-free images {which does not mean free, just less expensive} for you ~ we can source any type of image you may need

If you wish to do a “team” page we need photographs (and mini bios) of each of your service providers.



Do you currently use a 3rd party emailing system or CRM (customer relationship management) ConstantContact, iContact, MailChimp, SugarCRM?

If you wish to allow the public to subscribe to your email/newsletter through your website please provide your login and password so we can link account.


Do you have social network accounts setup {FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-In} ?

Please provide all usernames and passwords if you would like us to link accounts.


Who is your salon’s “target market”?

Who is your “secondary market”?

Please list any information about your potential client base you think may be relevant.


Upon completion, we will submit your website to all major search engines in order to make it visible to the World Wide Web. Do not expect this to be sufficient to promote your site. Websites, like any other product, benefit from paid advertising both online and offline to establish a market base.


The key to establishing good search engine rankings is FRESH, consistent, relevant {including fashion, beauty, hair, trends} content. Ask us about our blogging services!