Salon and Spa Marketing Development

Basic Branding of Your Salon or Spa

Branding your salon or spa is a crucial part of your business development for medium to long term success. So, what does branding really mean? Branding is the proprietary visual, emotional, and rational image associated with your company. Branding is communicating your businesses core attributes and qualities, and creating a simple but visceral association of those qualities in the minds of your potential customers.

Create a compelling name for your salon or spa business

The name of your salon or spa is the first step. Next is creating a slogan that communicates the qualities of your business might be a second means of branding. Does your spa offer premium styling and coloring services that costs a bit more for the quality? The purpose of having people remember the brand name and have positive associations with that brand is to make their selection easier and enhance the value and satisfaction they get.

Create a logo and style guide for your salon

Having a nice quality logo and style guide for your salon is an important element of branding your salon’s image in the public mind. Do you have a quality logo that represents the level of professionalism offered by your salon or spa? Does your color scheme invoke the correct type of visceral response in potential customer’s minds?

Create a salon tagline (slogan)

Create a salon tagline that defines the qualities your business has that may set it apart from the competition. Even if you don’t publicly advertise or use a slogan, its a good idea for you to develop one for internal use and focus. This might be part of a Mission Statement. What are the key attributes of your business that set it apart from other similar businesses? 

Install attractive signage on your building and around your business location

Try to put yourself in a third person perspective, and drive-by or walk-by your location. Does your business stand out? Do you have prominent, clear signage that identifies your core business as a salon or spa? If possible, consider posting additional permanent or temporary signage near your location to catch more eyes.

BeautyMark Marketing is a creative services agency specializing in branding, design, and business development strategies for upscale salons and spas.

Beautiful design is our specialty but truly successful design needs to not only look good but be intelligent, effective and results driven. BMM can rejuvenate a salon’s image utilizing branding as a strategic tool to make your mark. When a salon invests in a charismatic brand identity combined with a consistent spot-on marketing mix the return on investment is priceless.

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