Salon Ideas: Think BIG. Outdoor Advertising.

Are you overlooking a valuable source of salon advertising? One that is very cost effective and makes a big impact. Your salon windows. Simple, but easily overlooked. Eye-catching, high quality well-designed graphics will increase your visibility and draw-in new salon clients. Turn walk-bys into walk-ins…

The secret is to have them professionally designed and attractively displayed so they enhance your salon or spa brand not detract from it.

Attention-grabbing, prominent window posters are a low-cost yet highly effective way to market a salon or spa. But remember, if someone is driving/walking past they’re not going to have time to read lots of text or be able to see tiny print. The best outdoor advertising is limited to a few bold words and images. Keep your advert simple, yet striking. Use a punchy headline message with ideally no more than nine words. If however, your poster is in your salon close to your reception or till then you can afford to use more detail. But the rule is still to keep it big and bold.

Six easy ways to improve your salon advertising

A well-targeted headline to catch the reader’s attention and make them want to read on.

Bold attractive design. Don’t clutter the poster and keep plenty of white space.

Don’t be tempted to say too much. The reader wants to know “what’s in it for me?” The most powerful words you can use in any advert are “You” and “Free”.

A clear call to action – “Call xxx” “Book now” for example.

And remember to include your website and phone details!

Change them frequently. Passers-by will get used to them and no-longer ‘see’ your message. And faded, out-of-date advertising is not a good look.


Finally, check and check again. Clients (and your competitors) will notice, and remember if your advert or poster contains a spelling or typo error. First impressions count when it comes to marketing.

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