The ABCs of Hair Salon Web Sites

BeautyMark Marketing is always in the process of developing hair salon websites, which gave me the idea to share some specific elements that are necessary in a hair and beauty salon website:

1. You need your phone number in the most visible place

Probably 90% of your potential customers would call you to book an appointment instead of using the booking from. So having a phone number in a visible place is very important.

2. You need a map with your location

Today it is so easy just to include an interactive google map in your website. People use Google maps to get directions so if they want to see your salon and check how long it will take them to visit.

3. Opening and closing hours

Your clients need to know what time they can visit and what time they can’t.

4. Services and Prices

Most clients would be very picky in terms of the price and value that they get for the money. So you need to display your prices and services in the website. Not only is going to help you with your clients but also helps the search engines find your specific service easier.

5. Have a easy to use and track hair and beauty salon booking system

This can be just a simple form with services and client specific details, or it can be a fully integrated system where the leads are tracked and analyzed and the clients activity is being tracked in every step of the engagement.

If you are interested on getting a website for your salon, please contact the salon marketing specialists at BeautyMark Marketing.