Get A Straight Flush: In-Store and Online Salon Marketing


Ready-To-Wear Hair Salon Promotions 

BeautyMark Marketing is a one-stop shop for all of your salon marketing needs. Our Ready-To-Wear campaigns make salon marketing simple:


Take your Offline Salon Promotions Onl


BeautyMark Marketing takes in-salon promotion offers online to reach potential guests who increasingly access information about local businesses from their computer or mobile device.

BeautyMark’s Ready-To-Wear Marketing System creates one offer and implements it both in-salon and online. Campaigns are created and posted regularly to your social networks to remind customers of your offers. Your online offers will supplement your offline efforts to increase your overall reach and visibility.


. Promote Your Business to a Wider Audience – Attract New Customers

BeautyMark’s Ready-To-Wear salon email marketing system automatically increases the long-term value of new guests. At first appointment encourage new guests to sign up for future special offers by signing up for your email list or social networks. Special offers engage the client on the spot, encouraging repeat business and reducing the chance that your new customers don’t stay “one visit wonders.” 


Increase your Yield/ROI 

To ensure your chairs are filled and your staff is busy BeautyMark optimizes your promotions to:

Increase business during slower times: Customize your Ready-To-Wear campaign offer with availability dates and times that will fill up empty books.

Implement traditional calendar year promotions for maximum profitability: BeautyMark Marketing’s salon promotions make the most of the season to increase salon gift card and service sales.

Grow and engage your following on social networks: Our Ready-To-Wear Marketing System provides valuable incentives for customers who connect to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. 

Promote services with low cost to you but high value for guest


Increase Revenue per Customer

If increasing revenue is your goal, up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers can achieve results without cutting into regular business. 

Bring your infrequent customers back more often:Stay on your client’s mind and in their orbit. BeautyMark’s Ready-To-Wear System brings awareness to your salon offers by posting them online, on your website, and by distributing them via email, providing clients with a fresh reminder to visit.

Cross-sell a hair client to a spa treatment/or a facial to a hair cut: Increase sales of services in your spa where you have more room to discount, but still provide an incentive for a reluctant client to try something new.


Reward your Guest – Create Loyal Customers

It is typically more expensive to acquire clients than to keep them, and in the spa and salon industry, loyalty goes a long way. Reward customers and create a loyal customer base. Here are some ways:

Cross-sell complementary services: Ready-To-Wear promotions are the perfect way to get regular clients to try new products and/or services.

Promote loyalty on your email list: Send and promote your salon offers to your regular customers via email, this gives them a reason to look forward to seeing your updates in their inbox. 

Increase your customer base with gift card sales: Both in-salon and online gift cards sales can equal new clients. If you can turn that gift into a long-term guest it is a win-win transaction. BeautyMark Ready-To-Wear Marketing System promotes gift card sales as an easy way to increase revenue and gain new guests.

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