Salon Marketing = Best Investment in Future


The money you spend on your hair salon’s marketing is one of the best investments you make. Proper marketing far enriches your business more than the costs. Your marketing budget should be approximately 4-6% of your salon’s projected net income. Remember you are not only selling your services, you are selling BEAUTY and STYLE.

In your local market place, potential guests come across upwards of 10 salons/spas; but it is the one that has clever marketing that attracts the savvy clients and ultimately gets the sale. Very quickly marketing has become a priority so your salon won’t get lost to the competition. Strong, persistent marketing strategies implemented weekly, monthly, year after year gets you “find-able”. If you don’t market your salon properly you won’t have a salon business that allows you to do what you love to do.

Let BeautyMark Marketing be your virtual marketing department and take marketing off your “To-Do” List.

If you need help to take your salon to market, to build business, generate clients, or increase sales all you have to do is get in touch with BMM. Go to the contact form, fill it out and contact us today!