How Do I Keep My Holiday Glow This Year? Plan Ahead

Tis’ the season for holiday parties, shopping till you drop, over indulging in food and drinks, decorating your home all while stressing out about looking beautiful. The holidays put a lot of pressure on us all, so how do we look our best? Here are 6 things you can do now to keep that holiday glow:

1. Plan ahead. Make all those appointments now for hair, make-up, mani/pedi, eyebrow design. Do you need a facial too? With everyone trying to get last- minute beauty treatments it will be challenging to schedule these appointments at a time that works for you. Holiday and family photos last a lifetime so plan ahead for your special treatments.

2. Don’t stop doing all the things you normally do. When we get busy, the first thing we cut is the gym and hobbies. Exercise minimizes stress, helps you sleep better and makes you look great. Whether you do yoga or are a member of a book club, don’t stop doing the things that make you feel good.

3. Get eight hours asleep. With the added burden of holiday planning we can easily forget to go to bed at a decent time or lie awake in bed. If you have difficulties falling asleep, try taking melatonin. Be mindful of your time and keep your beauty sleep a priority.

4. Drink plenty of water. With all of the holiday cheer and fanciful drinks, we need extra water this time of year. Not only does water hydrate you, it can keep your skin from feeling dry, tight or even flaky. The first sign of fatigue is dehydration. Often thirst is mistaken as hunger. Before eating, try drinking water or green tea as these can help you feel energized.

5. Avoid weight gain. Load up on veggies. When we stay full, we eat less. Not to mention all the nutritional benefits we get from eating healthy. Bring a tray of fresh cut organic veggies and a pile of fruit for any gathering including football. Other great finger food that’s low in calories are artichokes, cold prawns, fresh crab, baked chicken wings (instead of fried), sliced tomatoes with avocado and balsamic vinegar. If you still need the chips and dip try pita chips and hummus. Salsa is always better for you than Ranch dressing. Be mindful of what you eat and avoid the party food. You will be glad you did come New Year’s Eve.

6. Do one thing nice for yourself. Do you want a new holiday outfit? When was the last time you had a massage? Reward yourself with something that makes you feel good. Capture the special holiday moments with your friends and family and enjoy a blissful holiday season!