SALON IDEAS: Increase Monthly Revenue Per Client

While most salon business owners spend a great deal of time focusing on finding new clients, they often miss out on the opportunity to maximize the value of their current clients. Sell by adding VALUE and selling the benefits, making your services unique differentiates you so that there is no other product or service that compares. 

Follow these six tips and watch the value of your current clients soar:

Cross Sell and Up Sell

It’s the tried and true “Would you like X with that?” approach. Its amazing how one little sentence can add to the bottom line. So easy! Simply find new ways to cross sell or up sell add-on products or services, from recommending an add-on hair treatment to the right styling product. Remember to offer the cross sell/up-sell at the point of sale each and every time to watch your bottom line bloom.

Package Deals

Offer packaged services at a discounted rate. Here are some ideas: create a deluxe version of your most popular service, quantity or frequency based packages, a maintenance program, or combine services to create a complete package. This is a great strategy to get clients to try things they might not have – such as facials or massage.

“Do X and Get Y Free”

If you typically have clients that books services only once every 8 – 12 weeks, offer an incentive to visit more frequently. Something like this: Come in for a color bar service and get a shine treatment free. Running these type of promotions can increase frequency in the long term. 

Focus on A-Grade Clients

A-grade clients are the ones that don’t complain, pay full price, tell you how wonderful you are, and give you great feedback. Identify those clients and nurture them. Provide them with exceptional service and make sure they are the first to know about any new offers or programs, any new deals… they will love it and purchase more often.

Friend Referral

A-grade clients have friends who likely will be A-grade clients too! Encourage the “sharing” effect with a friend referral program or campaign.

Just choose a couple of these suggestions and implement them in your business. You’ll see the average monthly revenue you make from each client go up 10, 20 even 30% or more! Do you need help with your salon marketing? BeautyMark Marketing specializes in beauty and salon advertising. Drop us a line….! https://beautymarkmarketing.com/contact-us-or-chat-with-us/