SALON RETAIL MERCHANDISING 101 ~ from lackluster to lucrative

YOUR salon’s retail shelves are meant to do more than balance bottles. This area is a gold mine waiting to be discovered by your guests.

The easier you make it for your guests to shop (and buy!) the healthier your salon business will be. So take a good hard look at your retail space. Is it designed to sell? Retail merchandising, when done right, can transform your salon retail space from lackluster to lucrative.  

Salon owners should take a step back and look at their retail with fresh eyes. Don’t hesitate to re-imagine your salon and move things to refresh or recreate an ideal setup. Retail is not an add-on, it is an integrated part of your salon business that accounts for an enormous percentage of your profits or potential profits. Retail merchandising should be a crucial part of how you think about your salon’s success.

Let your windows talk.

Hang large beauty images in your salon windows to communicate authority in beauty and style. Next, place product displays a group to communicate you are also a beauty retail destination. 

Move your front desk away from the front.

The placement of your reception desk is one of the most critical retail decisions you make. If your guests must walk through your retail space to pay for services, you can entice them first with the best products to care for their hair.

Don’t let clients get too comfortable.

Forget the idea of a relaxing waiting area for your clients. Instead have clients wait in your retail area, or position your waiting area seating facing your retail space. You don’t want customers to get too comfortable; you want them to get up and shop!

Put products in their best light.

The way retail is displayed can directly affect if people buy it. Think about how a high-end retailer displays fragrances, they line up a ton of bottles {not a sparse few} which leads to more sales! Adding product benefit and usage shelf talkers aids POP sales. Biggest tip? Paint the wall behind the display in a color that will make the bottles pop.

Keep it professional.

Tables or pedestals displaying product should be simplistic and clean so  products stand out. Keep the overall look of the retail space completely professional – this is your opportunity to engage, connect and display a clear image of your salon brand to your guest.