How to Market Your Salon Using Facebook

How to Market Your Salon Using Facebook 

While Facebook is primarily a social networking site, businesses can use the site to their advantage as well. Having a presence on Facebook for your salon affords you the opportunity to interact with current customers and potential customers alike on a virtual level. Facebook also offers a unique opportunity to hyper-target your intended audience via the network’s native advertising program. If you want to market your salon on Facebook to gain new customers keep calm, call BeautyMark. https://beautymarkmarketing.com/social-butterfly/

Step 1

Create a Facebook page for your salon on the Facebook website. Identify yourself as a local salon, enter in the name of your salon, upload a photo for the page as the profile picture, enter in your contact details and click “Publish This Page.”

Step 2

Use the page to connect with current customers who are on Facebook by posting updates, such as specials you are running, or coupons to the page. Anyone who searches for your salon on Facebook will find the page. The Facebook page will also show up in search engine results, which allows potential customers to find you. Post a sign in the salon to let customers know about the new page. If you already have an email mailing list for your customers, send out an email with a link to the new Facebook page to get your current customers to “Like” the page.

Step 3

Perform a simple search for your town or city in the Facebook search bar to identify potential customers in your target area. Once located, suggest the salon’s Facebook page to each person or send a short message recommending the page by either clicking on “Message” on the user’s page or “Share” on your Facebook Page and directing the share message to the user. Since Facebook does not charge you to perform searches and contact users, you can broadly target your communications to people in the local area, at a specific workplace or school.

Step 4

Consider offering a special coupon for people who “Like” the page on Facebook. While this action will cost you money through the discount coupon, it will also help you build a targeted mailing list.

Step 5

Visit the Facebook Advertising page and click “Create an Ad” to get started with Facebook Ads for your salon. The ad can be made up of a 25-character title, a 135-character body, an image and a link to your Facebook page or business website. Select your audience to target the ad only to people in your local area and set your budget. The ad can be a cost-per-click, or CPC, ad or a cost-per-thousand-impressions, or CPM, ad. With a CPC ad, you pay only when a user clicks on the ad. With a CPM ad, you pay by impressions, or as the ad is viewed, with the rate based on every 1,000 impressions. For a limited budget, the CPC ad is usually a better choice as you pay only for results. Click “Place Order” when you are ready to submit the ad.

Step 6

Click the “Send an Update to Fans” link on your salon’s Facebook page to send promotional messages to every person who has “liked” your salon’s Facebook page. Limit your updates to no more than once a week to avoid spamming the users’ inboxes with your promotions, which can result in people leaving the page.

 by Jamie Lisse