Gift Card Selling Strategies

Gift cards, gift vouchers, gift certificates. Whatever you choose to call them, they are your salon’s best marketing friend at Christmas. Why? Because they are great news for your salon cash flow. Gift Cards give you the chance to earn a brand new salon client and the opportunity to solve clients’ holiday dilemma of a hefty gift list.

Many salons tend to ignore gift cards, regarding them as rather impersonal. Yet, when promoted properly, hair and beauty gift cards make an indulgent gift. Who doesn’t fancy a spot of pampering in the cold, dank days of January?

If you really want to boost your salon profits and cash flow, then get started. Look at ways to make your salon gift card an attractive and tempting Christmas option for the purchaser. Here’s how…

Everyone likes a gift card, but sometimes it’s hard to make it look like a thoughtful and clever present. It’s a Christmas gift card, not a discount coupon. At the very least you need an attractive gift card presentation. This should reflect your salon brand, be contemporary and high quality. For large gift card purchases a bespoke box branded to your salon. On Christmas morning it is much more exciting to discover a gift card nestling inside a pretty box then just a dreary certificate printed on thin cheap paper. 

It sounds obvious, yet so many hair and beauty salons present cheap-looking gift cards which proudly boast $75 on them. If a guest is spending $75 + on a present – it needs to look and feel special! Use digital printing to order small quantities and give them a Christmas theme – occasion specific cards are alway appreciated.

Tell your clients! Focus on the benefits of giving a hair or beauty salon gift card. Give the cards high visibility in your salon, many hair and beauty businesses mistakenly hide gift cards away and miss many opportunities. Create attractive in-salon displays with a promotional graphic and promotion. Spread the gift card idea through social media postings. 

Dedicate a specific page for gift cards on your salon website. Include how/where to buy, the denominations available and any terms and conditions. Make sure you highlight them on the Home Page too. Don’t forget to include gift cards in your e-mail marketing throughout November and right up to Christmas.

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