Boost Sales With Attractive Window Clings

Window clings have become an increasingly popular marketing tool and for good reason, they convey salon brand messages beautifully and effectively. Window graphics are the perfect way to communicate and engage potential clients. If your goal is to promote sales, spread the word about your business, reinforce your brand identity, decorate your business or command attention; window clings are a very powerful advertising tool.

Why Window Clings? 
– Boost sales.
– Easy to place and remove.
– Can be re-positioned.
– Remove easily without residue or surface damage.
– Easiest way to update a window or salon store front.
– Cheaper than actual or more elaborate decorations.
– As effective as billboards for attracting walk-by traffic.
– Promote sales, seasonal services, and special promotions.

To make the most out of your window display follow these guidelines:
First Impressions are Design-Related
A successful window cling starts with an attractive image and great design. Customize the size of your salon window cling to fill the total available space. Vibrant text and seasonal colors are great attention getters.

Objective is The Starting Point. 
Window clings can serve different purposes, so first strategize the objective of your window cling. Are you promoting new services? Offering a special promotion? Special summer deals? Trying to fill Thursday appointments? Starting out with a clear objective helps to achieve desired results.

Include a Clear Call To Action. 
Make sure you ask for potential clients to take action. Words such as walk in, book an appointment now, snap a photo, use a hashtag, or download content.

Get to know your Target Market.
Knowing your target market is key to succeed in today’s competitive market. Effective window clings attract customers and engage them to walk through your salon door. Make sure your window cling design and message is unique and catchy.

Emulate Brands That Use Window Clings.
Many national brands have highly successful window cling displays. Window clings have no print quantity minimum – so you can look polished and professional on a small budget. Take note and plan your own marketing strategy in a cost-effective way.

Revolutionize your Windows.
Window clings capitalize your salon front window space. Hire a professional design agency to design your window cling graphics. Window clings are available in custom sizes and have no minimum order requirements, just start with one if you like. Lure your clients in with eye-catching window clings.

The tips outlined above can create a window cling that is sure to boost sales.