Does Your Website Need a Makeover?

Does your salon website look “homemade”? Does your website need a make over? Are you putting a fresh face forward to potential clients?

A beautifully branded, professional online appearance is a must-have to stand out of the crowd. A consistent brand experience across all touch points convince potential clients you deserve their trust. Little things matter big when it comes to the image you portray – from grammar to the proper imagery – your reputation is virtually on the line.

A visually stunning website is what we do best at BeautyMark. We love creating a strong web presence through clean design, easy functionality, and in-tune navigation for an engaging and pleasing experience for your customers. A fresh modern look attracts more potential salon guests and keeps them coming back.

Your website design maybe something you have overlooked, but it can be THE factor that helps you stand out. BeautyMark’s designs reflect the essence and uniqueness of your beauty business in a way that gets noticed.

Websites come in many shapes, sizes and colors. But our websites come with a touch of flair, that “je ne sais quois” that makes beauty brands stand out. BeautyMark’s web designers will express your brand in a unique and artistic way.


A website for your salon business allows you to be “open” 24 – 7. With just a click potential clients can easily find information about your salon, services, team members, and location. Websites can be designed to incorporate client procuration tools such as online promotions with coupons, email marketing, online appointment booking, and electronic gift certificates. Hiring a professional design company will allow you to use these modern marketing tools to boost your business.

The entry-level custom website is the most common starting point for small beauty businesses. Typically five to seven pages of information that is fully branded with a company’a logo, color scheme, photos and copy. A simple but professional website can be produced starting at $2,500, plus basic web hosting.

The next step is to “lead” potential guests to your business website utilizing the power of both social media and search engine optimization. Leverage social media to expand your influence beyond the salon doors. Showcase your salon’s expertise in hair care, wellness and beauty. Share articles from notable beauty, hair, style and fashion sources. Create a constant flow of fresh content through blogging to improve search engine ranking in search with more online content. Share the scoop about your business such as events, “before and afters”, and client selfies.


In the business of beauty, competition is fierce. In order for your salon to stand out in the digital world you need a stunning online presence – a unique website design that reflects your salon character and the nature of the business.

Many salon owners mistakenly only implement a fundamental website to save on operating and marketing costs. These website design efforts range from adequate to amateur (DIY to friends or family services) ultimately sacrificing the polished online presence necessary to stand out in a crowd.

Beauty business owners soon realize the novice efforts at website design are resulting in amateur results. The lack of skill to create a beauty website that is both attractive and interactive becomes apparent. They discover the site is not attracting the business, and that their site is similar to thousands of others – a total “no-no” in all business, but most importantly the business of beauty.

How do you avoid this problem? Hire a professional design agency. An expert in the field of beauty website design can create an impression that lasts. A professional can translate the essence of your unique business into a savvy, engaging website. The right website will show off your business! Your website allows you to reach out to new customers and stay in touch with current ones. A salon website that reflects your salon is a powerful tool that has the beauty to grow your business.

Website design requires a skilled hand, hair salon websites design requires training and knowledge of the beauty industry. A professional provides the tools, the qualifications, the training and the skills to make your website rock!

Creating a proper hair salon websites design takes time and patience. A professional is paid to create websites and can quickly and efficiently produce a design to meet your specifications. A web designer will make sure your salon brand color palettes, graphic elements, and brand essence is communicated and all links function properly – to make your salon website perfect.

Putting together the ideal hair salon website is not a task for amateurs, hire the right website designer so that you have a website to be proud of – one that reflects your salon business in the right light – beautiful. Ask yourself today, if your website is a true reflection of your business…?


Is your website the principal tool in your salon marketing repertoire? If not, it should be. Salon websites provide salon owners the opportunity to broadcast their business and attract new clients over the world wide web. A rockin’ looking website is no longer enough, it also needs to be search engine optimized. Only a top of the charts search optimized web site will show up on the first page of a “salon search” web inquiry. If you are’t there, you are losing business to competitors who are.

What is search engine optimization (SEO for short)? SEO utilizes keywords to ensure your salon website gets ranked on the first page of an internet search for local salons in your area. Why SEO? This is how potential guests and salon groupies will find your salon website. Excellent SEO means more people finding you and more guests coming to your business.

How to rock your website SEO performance? Makeover your salon SEO through do-it-yourself optimizing tools or hire a professional. Regular content also plays a major role in creating a website top ten. Search engines look for fresh, up-to-date material for it’s customers, websites that post new content on a consistent basis rank more often on first page searches.

Here are some essential tips for optimizing your salon website; implementing these tips will gain more traffic to your site and more clients in your books.

No 1. Incorporate a blog into your salon website for highlighting short informative articles. Blog articles on a consistent basis, 4x per month minimum is necessary to create traffic traction.

No 2. Create a unique page title for each page of your website. Each page title should include a keyword + include the location of your salon or spa (city and state). For example: If the page is about hair color, the title should include both the salon name, service and location: “Aveda hair color from Bluebird Salon in Venice Beach, CA”

No 3. Name or rename all image file names to include your keyword/s + include the location of your salon or spa. For example: aveda-hair-color-from-bluebird-salon-venice-beach-CA.jpeg

No 4. Tag or retag all image ‘alt’ tags with same keywords.

No 5. Anchor link every single page of your website to another page of the site with keywords: For example: “Looking for Aveda color in Venice Beach, CA? Click here.”

No 6. Utilize keywords in the headlines of each page text (h1 or h2 tags).

No 7. Utilize keywords throughout copy on entire site.

If your salon website isn’t getting much airplay, determine if its time for a kick start or start over. From a few tweaks to a total makeover – top performing salon websites are the hit in your marketing tool kit. More traffic = more bookings = more clients.


Potential clients window-shop the internet just like they window-shop in the real life. As brick and mortar beauty salon business, your website is most likely the first contact or interaction potential clients will have with your brand. First impressions count, so be sure your salon website articulates who you are and captivates with a stunning salon brand image.

The first and most important goal online is for your salon website to be “findable” – just like the physical location of your salon – you can be easy to find, or not. Make sure your site is on Main Street – you want your salon site to show up when potential guests search for salon services in your area.

The second goal online is to CAPTIVATE once they find you. A great looking website begins with the development of a polished brand image. A salon brand is a concept, the foundation of your entire marketing framework, the emotional and psychological relationship between a company and consumers. A salon brand is what people think and feel when they experience your company (the essence).

Here are the basics to include for salon web design:

Contact Information:

Make it easy for clients to find your phone number and location. Don’t just put it on your contact page – list it where it can be viewed on EVERY page. Header or footer. On the Contact Page make sure to add a map with easy access directions.

Salon Interior:

Let potential clients want to see the “inside” of your salon. Literally. Make sure you include images of your salon interior space/s as well as a street view images. If they can see your establishment and view how beautiful, quaint, or whimsical your salon space is a potential client will be more comfortable/likely to book an online appointment. BeautyMark recommends a web banner slideshow on your salon home page to feature your salon establishment images.

Services and Price:

One of the first pages potential clients look at, so be sure to feature all of your services with well written descriptors and clearly defined prices.

Stylist Bios:

Allow potential clients to get to know your salon team. Showcase your salon service providers through mini bios that advertise their amazing expertise and experience. This lends credibility to your salon and adds authority as industry experts.

Retail Products:

Are you passionate about the products you feature/utilize in your salon services? Do you have a special “in-house” treatment that differentiates you from the rest? Let potential clients know the products and brands sold in your salon and why you love it. Spread the word on why you choose the brands you retail in your salon.

Before and After Image Testimonials:

Show the world what other clients are saying and experiencing at your salon. Before and after testimonial images are a great way to show off your team’s talent. Post them not only to your web site but to your social media outlets too for maximum exposure.

Online Appointment Booking:

By integrating appointment management software into your website, both potential and existing clients can schedule an appointment from anywhere at anytime. Imagine filling appointments while you sleep! BeautyMark recommends MindBody as a stunning software solution that helps manage your business 24/7.

eCommerce Application:

Make it easy for clients to buy! Instant purchase applications can add thousands to your bottom line. Start selling gift cards online through a gift certificate shopping cart system and simple buy it now option. Sell instant gift cards for packages or dollar amounts in higher denominations. Happy Selling!

1. Collect Your Materials

BeautyMark will need all of the necessary items to create your gorgeous custom website! This includes all text, print, copy, brochures, photographs, logos, fonts, and palette of colors. We need it ALL to get your site going, the more the better.

Here is a Basic List for a 6 page site:
About Us – We will need the copy that you would like on your about us page as well as photographs.

Salon Services Page/s- Service descriptions and pricing for all of the services you offer. We recommend separating into Hair, Face, Body, Nails categories.

Salon Specials Page – Offer copy you want to extend on an ongoing basis, like first time offers

Contact Page – Salon address, phone, email address and policies you want listed on the site.

Online Booking Software – Does your salon use a software program for appointment booking? If so, we will require login information so that we can apply booking software for online booking. If you do not use a software yet, we will need to sign you up for one, we suggest mindbodyonline.com

2. Establish Layout & Site Architecture of Site

BeautyMark will present basic wireframe layout options for site architecture, including tab placement and navigation.

3. Establish Project Design Look & Feel

Starting with your home page, the main page, we start designing and building your beautiful website. Once this first page is finalized we move on to your sub-pages until completion. Forms, Flash, CGI, Java are now added to your site at this time.

4. Web Site Completion and Debugging
5. Site goes “Live”

Your site goes “live” by being published for the world to see. You can now start advertising your site. Tell all your friends!

BeautyMark Marketing can create a website that is custom tailored for your salon. We’d love to create one for you! We offer finance options for salons or spas on a budget or just getting started. To learn more about our salon website design and development services please go to https://beautymarkmarketing.com/salon-web-design-development/