Email Marketing Tips for Beauty Businesses and Salons

Let’s have a little heart-to-heart about the BEAUTY of email marketing, an often overlooked tool of a salon’s business strategy. Email marketing for salons is a powerful asset for customer relationship building, marketing, and brand loyalty. In the competitive salon industry each and every client is an asset, and the retention of that asset is extremely valuable ($$$$).

Email marketing allows you to give your guests incentives to stay loyal to your brand, a “must have” to help salon owners keep and grow their clientele. Email marketing is one of the most effective client relationship management (CRM) tools available. 75% of consumers prefer email over any other type of marketing, making it a no-brainer marketing channel.

Build a Contact List

The most important first step is to build your contact list. Simply collect the email address of every single customer that enters through your salon or spa doors. This simple act automatically turns a “customer” into a “contact”.

Coach your front desk staff to engage each guest and set up a client profile in your salon software system. If you are not building an email list you are not growing your business.

Help Build Client Loyalty

A healthy contact list isn’t about masses of contacts, it’s about the level of engagement received. An engaged audience will open, interact and show interest in the email communications from your salon. Nurture email contacts engagement by creating email offers and specials your clients are looking for. Remember, these emails are for them, not you.

Continue to Grow Contact List

Grow your salon contact list by creating periodic reasons to subscribe, interact, and continue the “conversation” with your salon such as a sweepstakes and special offers to email guests only.

Make an Offer that Sells

Now that you have a client contact list, how are you going to use it? Email marketing is all about limited-time offers. Make a great offer and it will sell.

– Share service and retail promotions
– Promote new retail products (or stock you want to move)
– Promote new services
– Promote “add on service” with low back bar cost/high perceived value to client (i.e. hair conditioning treatment).
– Promote special offers such as Mother’s Day or Holiday packages.
– Create packages at several price points.
– Offer high priced items like “Year of Hair Color” or “Massage of the Month”
– Encourage guests to purchase with “buy it now” functionality.

Tip: Remember, when the gift is right, gift givers can be very generous with their money.

Tip: Send reminder emails as a promotion deadline approaches. Most sales promotions come in the last 24 hours, remind them so you are top of mind at the right time.

Create Compelling Subject Lines

When writing your email subject lines remember to use persuasive language to get that interest or ultimately that “open” from them. Remember that your recipients care about themselves, so write subject lines that reflect what’s “in it for them”.

Maximize Exposure

A great promotion requires more than one impression to maximize exposure and profits.

Each email promotion should be re-delivered to inboxes, implement a strategy to get maximum results (opens and clicks). Reschedule the same offer to pose as a reminder to book or “lead up” to a holiday offers and special events.

Pre-Made Emails Promotions

The beauty of salon email marketing is that its the easiest way to stay in touch with your guests and potential guests – everyone has an inbox they check every single day, multiple times a day. The question is why AREN’T you using email…?

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