Focus on Your Followers, Not the Number of Followers

Instagram is back at it again. I have had many clients say to me “OMG WHERE DID ALL MY FOLLOWERS GO?!” Guess what?

 You shouldn’t care how many followers you have now, or how many you lost last week, or how many you’re gonna gain this week.

When you spend your time and energy focusing on the number of followers you have – or the followers you don’t have yet – you forget to pay attention to the community that’s already right in front of you! 

Instead of obsessing over the number of followers, obsess over the clients and potential clients you already have on the other side of the screen.

The clientele who are already taking the time to engage with your posts are the fans to focus your energy on through your created content, your products, and services. The fans are right there in front of you, just waiting for you to connect. Focus on creating content for them, 

THAT is what matters – NOT your follower count.

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