How to Get Friend Referrals

Everyone loves Friend Referrals, we believe they are one of the best tools to attract new clients to your hair or beauty salon. In fact, 74% of women felt recommendation was the most important factor when choosing a hair salon. Moreover, clients who come via recommendation tend to be more loyal than those attracted by discounts or other promotions.

So how can salons and spas harness this powerful word of mouth marketing among friends and family? How do you increase salon recommendations?

Feel Good

What makes a loyal client willing to recommend your salon to their inner circle sanctum? Make them feel good. Clients might forget what you said, forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Ask yourself, how do your clients feel when they visit your salon? Do they look and feel fabulous as they leave? The desired outcome of every woman visiting a salon is to FEEL BEAUTIFUL. Focus on how to make guests feel and in turn your referral rate will increase.


Trust is key to getting salon recommendations and fundamental to the success of implementing this marketing tool. Your clients must feel confident that if they recommend you, their friends will have that same great experience.

Card Referral

A simple card referral system works excellent, it gives your clients something tangible to “pass on” to their friends.

Generous Rewards

Be generous with friend referral marketing incentives. Tempt and reward current clients to spread the word to their friends and family about how great your salon is. Calculate the dollar value a new salon guest is worth to your salon over the period of a year and mark your incentives accordingly.

Digital Promotion

Make sure you promote your salon friend referral system through your salon website somewhere prominent and via regular salon email campaigns.

Social Media Posts

Regularly advertise your salon friend referral to all of your followers via social media channels.

Referral Rate

Measure results by tracking the number of new salon clients who come via recommendation to calculate your referral rate.

Now make it an incentive to do everything you can to primp, tease, and please every salon guest.