How to Make Salon Summer Services Hot

Monthly promotions are simply well-thought-out plans to keep clients and prospective clients aware of your salon. You want your salon or spa to be “top of mind” when they are motivated to make an appointment. Follow these steps to learn how to make salon summer services hot!

The key to summer salon promotions is to “solve” the season’s beauty and hair problems. Kick off the summer season with promotions that will keep your appointment books sizzling.

1. Memorial Day Weekend

Contrary to popular belief, the official kick-off to summer is the perfect time to sell salon and spa services. For 70% of the country, Memorial Day means “first-time” skin exposure after a long winter of covering up. Summertime cuts and styles, skincare products, pedicures (time for sandals, which means it’s time for cute toes), and manicures.

2. July 4th Holiday

The highlight of the summer holidays, July 4th spells specials. Focus on skincare and sun protection, hair management – sun and chlorine are hard on skin and hair, especially color-treated hair, so offer treatments accordingly. – and offer “Maintenance Packages” (explained more below).

3. Red, White, and Blue 

Patriotic colors are the perfect palette to get you through the summer months. Go for a striped or star theme, use red/white/and blue “props” such as beach towels, beach umbrellas, and bathing suits. A great way to remind clients to book that appointment so they can be at their best when it comes time to hit the beach or pool.

4. Summer Packages = Maintenace Packages

What services do prospective clients really need during the summer months? Go-to summer services make great salon and spa promotions. Don’t discount, create packages to keep them coming back and “maintain” the appearance during the summer months. Make sure your salon marketing message communicates value, the best offers are those that add value without a lot of costs. Basically, you are creating a pre-paid package that commits the client for a three-month period to maintain that “perfect  XYZ”.

Here are some Maintenance Packages to give you some ideas:

 Summer Hair Services

Summer months are ideal months for easy-manage, low fuss haircuts, and face-framing highlights for a sun-kissed look. Live in a humid part of the country? Tame frizz and increase summer revenues by offering discounts on blowout services.

Help clients beat the heat with hair masks, conditioning treatments, and blow-out service specials. Create a value-added offer with a low back bar cost. Keep the service under 45 minutes and offer a special price for that service. Create and sell summer blowout packages to maintain frizz-free hair all summer long.

Summer Skincare Services

Dry summer months and exposure to too much sun call for pampered pores, design special facials to cool and soothe summer skin.

Summer Nail Services

As temperatures rise, off comes the heavy footwear and outcome the sandals. Highlight pedicure services so clients can rock sandal-worthy toes. Take advantage of the toe exposure season by offering special foot peels and renewal-themed pedicures.

Beach-Ready Skin Services

Entice clients to get beach-ready skin with body scrubs or polishing treatments. Great services to sell with tanning services. Combine them for a package.

Summer Waxing Services

Bikinis and short shorts call for tamed unwanted hair – offer waxing packages that include legs, bikini, and underarms.

Summer Bronzing Services

Spray tanning and bronzing services are in demand during the summer months. Everyone wants to flaunt a tan! Create a pre-paid package that commits the client for a three-month period to maintain that “perfect shade”.

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