How Waiting Lists Bring in More Business

Does your salon or spa implement a Waiting List in your booking system? If not, you are surely losing out on potential revenue. Wait lists bring in more business because it gives you the power to maximize business opportunities. 

A Waiting List contains clients that are on “stand-by” for appointment week, when an opening becomes available they are automatically contacted to see if the available appointment/s fit their schedule.

A Waiting List allows you to keep a list of clients that are waiting to schedule an appointment because:

1) client can’t commit to pre-booking an appointment 

2) non-availability of requested date or time 

3) non-availability of specific stylist or service provider 

4) clients desiring to get in immediately/911 last minute appointments

5) requested time or day overflow

Placing the client segments above onto a Waiting List allows your booking system and front desk management team to keep track of desired appointment times and immediately fill them if/when a time slot becomes available. Appointment times become available when a client cancels an appointment or moves (reschedules) their appointment. 

Scheduling an appointment from the Waiting list immediately increases salon revenue. Wait lists bring in more business because you can also create availability through calling in an off-the-clock staff member, or if a client cancels, you can fill the empty spot by contacting guests on the Waiting List. If an appointment is cancelled, you can fill it, thus not losing the revenue.

The Wait List also provides business insights with a glimpse into the times of day, and days of week, that are your “peak hours” and “peak days”. High traffic times are when you should “staff up” to capture all business opportunities.

Are you implementing a Wait List in your salon…?