In a Jam? Get a Pre-Made Holiday Campaign for Your Salon

Are you in a jam with your Salon Holiday Marketing? Did the holidays “arrive” before you had a chance to put together a salon holiday campaign? Let BeautyMark Marketing come to your rescue with pre-made salon marketing campaigns. We offer stylish, professionally crafted, agency-quality marketing at a small-business price.

We customize and execute everything — including emails, social media posts, home page banners, landing pages, and in-store marketing materials such as posters, mirror talkers and bounce-back cards. We provide all content and graphics. And we do all this at a rate you can afford as a small business. We can do it at such an affordable price because BeautyMark Marketing has already done 95% of the marketing and creative work, leaving the remaining 5% for offer and branding customization.

– Turn every promotion into a viral campaign to get more customers via word-of-mouth
– Social posting (Facebook, Twitter and more)
– Save time, money and effort on launching terrific marketing campaigns. 
– Launch entire marketing campaigns as easy as 1-2-3. 
– Full marketing services at a fraction of the cost of an ad-agency

At BeautyMark Marketing, we take care of promoting your salon or spa so that you can focus on running your business. Reap the rewards of our beauty expertise and professionally crafted salon marketing promotions.

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