Make ‘Em Sweet On You

Attract and engage new clients with DONE FOR YOU social media management. Let us handle everything – and leave you free to run your business. ✂️ Social media is an informal and friendly way to keep in touch, build strong 💪🏻 client relationships and attract 🧲 new customers – however, it’s also extremely time-consuming ⏱, and difficult to do well. Getting the right voice 📣 personality and content is key💃🏻. Why choose us for your salon’s social media? We work solely with hair and beauty businesses to make ‘em sweet on you 🍰

What’s your current digital marketing strategy?

If you’re like many salon owners, you’re struggling to maintain the digital presence you want. Maybe you’re trying to take everything on in-house, but you’re too busy with other elements of running your business to keep posting on social media. Or you might be working with a generic marketing agency that just doesn’t truly understand your business or your audience. Yet, digital marketing is simply too important to let slide.

Gone are the days in which word-of-mouth recommendations will put enough clients in chairs to grow your business. You need a polished, cohesive marketing strategy to raise awareness of your business and get appointments booked. We can help you do just that. Our approach is uniquely catered to beauty businesses. Our team brings decades of industry experience to the table, and it’s our passion to help salons like yours thrive.

Social Media is tailor-made for the salon industry

Social media is a marketing tool that’s tailor-made for the salon industry. Visual platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are the perfect place to show off what your stylists can do. However, it’s not enough to simply post pictures every now and then. You need a methodical social media management approach that captures your brand messaging with the right imagery, captions, and hashtags. Consistency is also key—you need to create stories and post often to keep your followers engaged and excited about your brand.

Tired of running your own social media strategy?

There’s no shortage of agencies out there providing digital marketing services, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your marketing strategy up to just any local agency. In the beauty industry, consumers are used to a high-end approach that’s supported by a wealth of market research to create immersive brand experiences. So, you need a digital marketing provider that can help you reach that level. BeautyMark Marketing is raising the bar on the salon industry, serving clients throughout the U.S. with marketing strategies that are on par with the entire beauty industry. You won’t just outshine your local competitors—you’ll make your mark on the industry as a whole.

BeautyMark specializes in beauty business marketing. Learn more BeautyMark Digital Marketing Services or you can Schedule a Chat with Me here and make sure to follow our blog HERE for weekly tips on salon marketing tips

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