Marketing ROI → How Much is a Client Worth?

Many beauty business owners have delusions of earning a $100,000+ a year income without spending any money to acquire the treasured asset – CLIENTS. Income-producing clients don’t come for free. What are you prepared to spend to acquire a $2,000 a year client? Acquiring new clients requires investment.

No Worthwhile Marketing is Free.

Merely throwing a Facebook page up and waiting for prospective clients to find your business is not marketing. Properly crafted, polished marketing requires time and money. Clients are assets, and marketing is a necessary investment for client attraction and business growth.

Set Your Marketing Budget.

Most beauty business marketing budgets are set between 4-7%, depending on the organization and size. Marketing has become necessary in an oversaturated market to create awareness of your beauty business brand, whereabouts, services and products. The key is to find the perfect percentage of marketing dollars necessary to maintain a stream of new and repeat clients.

Controlled Repetition is Key.

Work out an “awareness rhythm” that will continue to keep your salon fresh in the minds of your current and potential guests.

Analyze your Clientele.

What age group do you want to attract to your salon, and what age group are you attracting? More of what you have is easier to attract, but awareness to new markets can expand your market.

What Interests Your Clients?

An attractive loyalty program provides guests with perks and rewards starting on the first visit. Focus where you are going to get the strongest response.
– Gift with purchase (ex: free treatment w/service)?
– Discounts?
– Rewards?

Your Marketing is Only as Strong as Your Staff.

What promotions will your salon team support naturally? Marketing promotions that are easy to communicate are more successful every time.