Maximize Mother’s Day with Last Minute Gift Cards

mother's day salon promotion

Did you know that the most popular time for Mother’s Day gift card sales is Mother’s Day “eve”? Make sure it’s easy to purchase gift certificates in person and from your website. You should have both print and email delivery options available. Gift cards can be a big money making opportunity for salons if panicked gift givers, who didn’t plan ahead, can step in or access your salon’s website and purchase a thoughtful gift for their loved one. It’s not too late to get those late minute shoppers.

In North America Mother’s Day is one of the biggest “gift giving” holidays of the year. Salons and spas are perfect businesses to benefit from a Mother’s Day promotion that translates services and retail products into great Mother’s Day salon or spa packages. Remind consumers that gift cards, service packages and pampering retail products make memorable gifts for moms, grandmothers, aunts, wives and daughters.

tip #1 Cover All Budget Types
Divide up your service and product selections for all budgets, provide package options in different amounts to cover all budgets types.

tip # 2 Think MEN
Remember that men purchase a significant portion of Mother’s Day gifts overall, put your Mother’s Day campaign in the windows in the form of posters to get walk-by traffic to walk-in. Market directly to men with a “stressed to the MAX wife” Mother’s Day hair or spa package.

tip #3 Promote Everywhere
Promote your salon or spa Mother’s Day specials on all marketing channels including social media, website, and “in-store”.
1) Update website homepage slideshow to include image of Mother’s Day promotion
2) Post Mother’s Day promotion on all social media channels.
3) Create Mother’s Day promotional signage for windows, display areas, merchandise
areas, and mirror talkers for individual stations.
4) Create scripts for staff to help them start the conversation about Mother’s Day behind the chair or at the point of purchase.

tip #4 Mother’s Day Email
Send an e-mail campaign reminding clients that Mother’s Day is coming and promote your Mother’s Day gift options. Schedule your campaign to remind your guests about the convenience and last minute opportunities of salon or spa gift card giving, but not overwhelm them. Remember that most sales for Mother’s Day will be at the last minute. Promote your salon or spa’s Mother’s Day packages or gift cards as perfect “last minute” gift options.
Run your campaign like this:
Email 3: May 6: Only 3 Days left!
Email 4: May 9: Last 24 Hours
Last Minute Gifts = Gift Cards

tip #5 Pre-Made Mother’s Day Campaigns
BeautyMark Marketing’s newest Ready-To-Wear Salon Campaign MOM ROCKS. Its not too late to capitalize on Mother’s Day in your salon with these pre-made campaigns from BeautyMark Marketing

Make this year’s Mother’s Day the most successful one yet, attract the right consumers to your salon for their gift-giving needs.