Plan Ahead with Beauty of a Book™ an Annual Marketing Guide

PLAN AHEAD !! Beauty of a Book™ 12 Months of Beauty Business Marketing
Hello Beauties ! 7 years ago when BeautyMark Marketing launched, I simultaneously began a weekly blog to help beauty bosses grow their businesses. Utilizing a calendar format Beauty of a Book™ is an assemblage of top blog tips and articles to guide owners through a year of marketing your business. Find pages filled with promotion ideas based on 1) American Holidays, 2) Seasonal Focus, 3) Email Marketing 4) Social Media 5) Retail Merchandising, and 6) Event Ideas. Beauty of a Book™ commences with a Beauty-Niche specific:
– Annual Marketing Guide
– Ready-To-Use 12 Month Calendar
– Promotion Planner
– Month-by-Month Idea Generator!
Worried about a slow summer? Slow summers can be a thing of the past by connecting with clients and keep them coming back. Get the tools to rock your beauty business!
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