Salons Only Set The Stage for a Successful Halloween

Spending on Halloween is second only to Christmas when it comes to holidays in the country, so as a salon owner it makes sense to capitalize on this popular time of the year and spend some salon marketing dollars as well. With October quickly approaching, here are some pointers on how to master the art of Halloween business and give your salon a BOOst this Halloween season.

No1 Halloween Promotions – Offer Halloween Hair & Makeup

Clearly dressing-up isn’t limited to kids anymore, hair and makeup are essential parts of any great Halloween get-up. As costumes have become more elaborate, so has the demand for professional Halloween hair and makeup services.

Properly set the stage with a solid hair and makeup team, you might even consider bringing on freelance makeup artists for the season. The end of October is filled with Halloween-themed parties, giving salons multiple opportunities to book appointments reserved for theatrical makeup, face painting, special-effects and creative hair. Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year, so you can expect the weekend-before rush of hair and makeup appointments.

Promote special Halloween hair, makeup and special effects services the entire month for all the parties that will be taking place throughout the month.
Promotion example:


A blowout, an updo, or anything in between.


From glamorous to gruesome. False lashes included.


Includes a full hair service and full makeup service.

No2 Halloween Spa Specials

Highlight Halloween-themed nail art specials and get spa-goers into the spirit with themed “mummy” body wraps or facials with seaweed-based products.

No3 Merchandising tells a story.

Theme everything in your beauty business to a Halloween “story” – color choices, merchandising support elements, point of purchase signs, and retail offerings work together to visually support the theme. A unique shopping ambiance sells more retail and adds to the bottom line.

We have put together a Pinterest board of merchandising inspiration that is savvy and stylish enough to don any salon Halloween Merchandising/Retail/Display Inspiration Board

Images via Pinterest

No4 Halloween-themed window display.

Salon windows are your most valuable advertising space, don’t underestimate the power of talking to the street. Showcase your chosen Halloween theme prominently in the window. Pick a theme, be bold!

No5 Add new Halloween-themed products to your salon retail.

Adding a new line of products to your salon retail could open up whole new lines of business. Add some spooky products to your retail such as ghostly hair accessories, false eyelashes, theatrical makeup, wash-out hair coloring, witchy nail designs, or glow in the dark jewelry (good gifts or POP).

No6 Halloween inspired retail props.

Create small vignette displays that are grouped by color or theme. The purpose of merchandising is to show-off your “wares” so mix retail with merchandising support elements that make displays special. Details such as glittery leaves, mini painted pumpkins, feathers, spiders, cobwebs, hanging bats, the list is endless….

No7 Add fresh for zest.

We love to use fresh scored pumpkins or autumnal squash as unique vases for fresh flowers. The simple use of fresh flowers mixed into displays creates an instant Halloween/Autumnal retail display.

No8 Shelf talkers.

Create cards that clearly state prices, product highlights, seasonal packages, or specials you wish to highlight. Use verbiage to both inform and encourage purchase. For Halloween an elegant black card with gold print would be delicious.

No9 Halloween themed selfie station.

What is a Selfie Station you ask? It’s a cool staged place or space in your salon specifically designated for clients to take selfies. Play-up the season with a Halloween-themed selfie station. A Halloween-themed backdrop or a bit of ghoulish “staging” can encourage social media tagging and sharing.

No10 Generate Halloween hype on social media.

Encourage staff to create their own ghoulish hairdos in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Take photos and use social media outlets to generate hype about your Halloween hair and makeup services. This is an amazing way to show-off your salon’s theatrical hair and makeup skills, sharing images demonstrates the talent of your team to prospective clients.

No11 Transition to Thanksgiving

When done right Halloween decorating can easily transition into Thanksgiving. Simply stick to natural or neutral painted pumpkins mixed with autumnal touches such as wheat stalks, acorns, pinecones, feathers. We have put together a Pinterest board of merchandising inspiration that can transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving Autumnal Merchandising/Retail/Display Inspiration Board

Halloween marketing ideas for your salon are limited only by your imagination, so get creative!