Sell the “Experience”

Ultimately, beauty businesses sell an “experience”. The way a client feels when they leave is the reason they come back for more. It’s ultimately not the salon’s price point, team skills, education, or relationships – the goal is to make every salon guest feel beautiful upon leaving your salon. 

Do you have what it takes to be great in your industry? Whether you are a hairstylist, a lash or nail magician, or a waxing or sugaring guru, most beauty bosses were originally drawn to their profession after a lifelong addiction to Vogue and all things fashion. Creating looks clients love is what motivates us, the ultimate goal is to create a satisfied client every single time.


Attitude creates success. If clients feel comfortable with you and the services you provide, the majority of new clients will return and ultimately become loyal. Are you making the most of every encounter? Are you greeting each guest? Eye contact relaxes clients and shows you are genuinely happy to see them. Upon meeting new clients, shake their hands and introduce yourself.  Most importantly, smile. Even if you are having a bad day, leave it outside the business doors. Your clients are paying for your attention – give each one 100%.


Creating an atmosphere where your clients feel relaxed and valued is the most important part of being a beauty boss. Determine a “look” for your beauty business and express it by choosing decorations and retail products that tell a story in your special branded way.

Current Season Focus

Bring the current season into the salon. With some fresh ideas and creativity, you can create a salon experience that guests will not find elsewhere.

Make Clients Feel Good

What makes a loyal client willing to recommend your salon to their inner circle sanctum? Making them feel beautiful. Clients might forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Ask yourself, how do your clients feel when they leave your salon? Do they look and feel fabulous? The desired outcome of every woman visiting a salon is to feel beautiful. Focus on the guest experience and watch your referral rates soar.

Build Trust

A first-time guest can turn into a loyal client through conversation and consultation. From the beginning, establish yourself as a beauty authority by creating a “style maintenance prescription”. Discuss and determine the follow-up required to retain a look or style. Whatever prescription is determined, make sure your client is committed to coming back for the necessary follow-up appointments. Pre-booking is building trust with that client, and committing to the care of your client’s hair or skin.

Target Guests Needs

Begin by tailoring every aspect of your appointment to fulfill your target guest’s needs and desires. The secret is focusing on the client. Differentiate your salon from the competition by anticipating client’s needs and executing superior client service.

Little Things

Make everything you do all about the client, the little things are what make you stand out. Offering refreshments, feeding the meter, or charging a phone – make your client feel like a VIP.

What do you do to give your guests the best experience at your salon?

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