10 Ways to Increase Salon Retail Sales

10 ways to increase salon retail sales

Salon products have the potential to support revenue generated through treatments and increase profit margins, but relatively few salon managers concentrate on maximizing product sales. You might not be able to buy products in bulk with huge discounts in the same way that supermarkets and high street chains are able to, but that doesn’t mean […]

Set The Stage for Halloween Success

Set The Stage for Halloween Success

Spending on Halloween is second only to Christmas when it comes to holidays in the country, so as a salon owner it makes sense to capitalize on this popular time of the year and spend some salon marketing dollars as well. With Halloween quickly approaching, here are some pointers on how to master the art […]

Salon Retailing Tips Designed to Attract Customers & Increase Sales

Few small beauty business owners focus on retailing, yet retail product sales have the potential to support service revenue and increase profit margins. Considering retail has a much higher profit margin than services, focusing on a retail strategy can increase the bottom line and salon success. We have assembled a list of tips designed to […]