The Importance of Professional Branding Services

In the beauty business, client experiences are key. As a beauty business owner, you probably spend most of your time developing your client experience from behind the chair. However, the “experience” isn’t limited to your physical space. You may have your products and services locked in, but what is it that drives clients to visit your space in the first place? That’s where the charm of your branding comes in. Your beauty business needs more than marketing, it needs professional branding services to truly connect with your ideal clients.

In the beauty industry, expectations for branding are high. You’re already operating in a crowded marketplace, and you’re dealing with consumers who are used to seeing some of the most polished, refined brand messaging around. Therefore, it’s integral to enlist a professional branding agency that can round out your client experience by charming your target audience anywhere they might encounter your brand.

The beauty industry is visually driven. 

There may be no other industry where visual branding matters more than in the beauty industry. From your logo to your website design to your physical marketing materials, every component of your brand speaks to your ability to provide professional services to your clients. If your branding isn’t polished and cohesive, potential clients will immediately question your capabilities in tracking trends and mastering beauty techniques. Your business is all about helping clients refine their image, so your own brand image must be on point.

Cohesive branding is what will level up your salon. 

All too often, salon owners struggle to bring together a cohesive brand message that brings the level of professionalism their clients expect. By raising the bar on your branding, you can easily outshine your competitors and position your beauty business as an authority in your field.

Your brand should be reflected online and in person. 

To create a consistent brand message, you need to connect your online and offline marketing materials to embody the same aesthetic and mood across the board. Everything from colors to fonts to layouts will contribute to your brand message, and your website will be the centerpiece for it all. When someone visits your website, they should feel like they are walking into your salon. Strong websites for beauty businesses are engaging and immersive—they capture the exact mood of a given brand to speak to their target clientele’s key interests.

“Brand” is much more than just a logo – it’s the foundation of your beauty business. A well-crafted brand creates emotion and experience. Beauty brands are all about style. If we think about well-known “big” beauty and hair brands, the first association that comes to mind is the fine-tuned overall perception of the brand. This brand perception is created through key elements of beauty salon branding.

“What does your salon brand say about you? It speaks volumes without saying a word”

The Key Elements of Beauty Branding:

Business Name

The business name depends upon the personality of your beauty business. Are you high-end or budget-friendly? The name of the salon business should convey a brand story of why they exist.


Your salon wordmark is a distinct text-only typographic treatment of the name of your salon business, cosmetic company, or product name used for purposes of identification and branding. Typography is one of the most important elements of your brand identity. The fonts you use in your brand elements can send a strong message about your brand to your audience.


A logo is a symbol made up of text and images that identifies a business. A good logo shows what a company does and what the brand values. Logo design is all about creating the perfect visual brand mark for a company.

Your salon logo is the face of your beauty business and, as such, it’s the most important element of the branding process. Your logo is going to be one of the first experiences potential customers will have of your brand and because it’ll be featured prominently on everything from your product packaging to your website, it will definitely be the design that’s most closely associated with your brand.

Color Palette

Color is an extremely powerful branding tool. Your audience has strong associations with color, and when used strategically, color inspires specific emotions and reactions from your salon guests. For example, an all-natural product line would use green, while a prestige salon might choose a color palette associated with luxury or royalty.


Your salon brand pattern should always be complementary within a design system, and never the primary focus of printed or digital collateral. These patterns may be used at a variety of scales, opacity, transparency, and color within the brand color palette.

Your brand needs to be consistent across every platform and touchpoint. This consistency builds trust with your audience. That trust transforms prospects into clients and clients into brand loyalists.

Style Guide

Your brand style guide is a centralized document that houses all the key information about your beauty brand, from the brand color palette to the dos and don’ts of your wordmark and logo application.

Having a brand Style Guide is essential because not only is it super convenient to have all that key information in one place, but it also helps to maintain consistency for your cosmetics brand. A style guide helps to get everyone on your team on the same page, which ensures that whatever is produced for your brand, whether it’s an email reaching out to a key influencer or a packaging design for a new line of lipsticks, is in line with your big-picture branding strategy.

The key to successful beauty business branding? Consistency, consistency, consistency



Once the contract and invoice are paid you will be asked to fill out a Brand Strategy Questionnaire. I will also require a Pinterest board with your collection of images and this will be due within the first week after the commencement of the project.


The information you provide will help me influence your brand’s personality and feel that you would like for your project. It is an important process for the design strategy stage.


I will review your completed questionnaire and commence my project research. Based on my research and this information, the design mood board will be created and sent to you. We then work together through feedback and reviews of the mood board.


Now we begin creating your logo concept. We go through up to three (3) rounds of refining the concept based on your feedback. Once the logo is approved your remaining Brand Assets will be rolled out.


You will give approval on all the designs at this stage. Final files will be sent to you in all the various formats and also your Style Guide – your brand specifications guide. Time to celebrate!


BeautyMark Marketing’s professional brand identity services create charming, believable, well-positioned brands. Our brand development process focuses to enhance your business and enliven your beauty brand.

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Modernizing a brand identity and website shows clients that you are still relevant as a salon and brand. Why choose BeautyMark Marketing for your salon’s brand identity and website design projects? BeautyMark specializes in beauty business marketing. That’s all we do and the only industry we serve.

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