Uplevel Your Brand Photography Guide

As Creative Director of BeautyMark Marketing, I assist aesthetically-driven businesses to tell their “brand story” through both visual and marketing strategies. One of the most important visual elements of your brand story is your salon brand photography.  A collection of aesthetically on-brand and cohesive imagery is a must-have for any salon to effectively market the business of beauty.

Creating unique, elevated brand imagery is something beauty business owners have the power to create. With the right tools and intention, you can create a collection of consistent images that reflect your brand story for online visibility on your salon website, blog posts, social media, marketing materials, and more.

Creating on-brand images for your brand doesn’t have to be an intimidating endeavor. You have invested in building a beautiful salon with amazing talent and products – the best way to show the world is through show-stopping on-brand visuals!

Ready to create images for your brand but don’t know where to start? Use BeautyMark Marketing’s guide to serve as a starter guide and/or inspiration to uplevel your next salon photoshoot.

a guide to uplevel your salon brand photography


What some people often forget is that branding is all about YOU and YOUR story. You built the world you invite your clients into – so show it off! Whether it is a cool workspace you rent in a salon, a pretty studio suite, or a large spacious multi-chair salon you can curate the space or set up a little corner for a quick photo op.

You are in control of your story. Show off your salon design and decor to express your salon’s individuality. Give potential guests a sense of your “salon vibe” the instant they interact or engage with your brand online. Every component of your hair or beauty business should be regarded as part of your guest’s unique experience to share on social media and on your website visually.

Tip of the Trade
 To attract the proper clientele, it is critical for salon design to maintain a consistent look and feel that the client can recognize.


Potential clients want to see the “inside” of your salon, so make sure your social media feed includes images of your salon interior space, as well as outside view images. If they can see your establishment and view how beautiful, quaint, or whimsical your salon space is a potential client will be more likely to book an online appointment.


A super quick and easy way to create on-brand imagery is to grab some of the tools you have right in front of you, things that you use on a daily basis for your work, and capture those. For example, hairdryers, brushes, you name it – show it in your salon space. This is the easiest way to make on-brand content that you can reuse season after season.


People want to relate to brands. They want to imagine what it would be like to be your client or use your products. Show your retail in your salon environment – bring that recognizable branding (ie: Oribe, R + C0, or Kevin Murphy) inside of your salon space. Showcase a lifestyle that embodies the same elements as your featured retail product lines, and show that product “in use” in your salon space.

Tip of the Trade
Clients have connections with retail brands, show them in your space. This makes you more relatable to potential guests. Capture a few of these types of shots – I promise, it’ll be worth it.


There is so much value in seeing the behind-the-scenes of a brand and gaining insight into another’s process, so think outside the traditional realm of product styling and look at all the other aspects of what makes your brand you. There is so much beauty in the imperfect, don’t be afraid to show the social world a little bit of the reality behind your brand. It makes you more relatable as a brand and as a person.

6. YOU

People want to get to know the person behind the brand, so it’s important to show up. Your audience wants to see who the person behind the brand is in order to build a connection and relationship with them – even if it’s a virtual one.

And I get it, having photos taken of yourself is awkward and I too struggle with getting photos of myself that I love but I promise you, those images of yourself will be priceless for your brand. It will allow you to show up on your website, and on your social media in more ways than one.



Creating high-quality brand imagery is just the start of up-leveling your online salon visibility. Having beautiful imagery will not make you instantly have new followers or bring you bookings or sales with the snap of a finger. Just like every movie set has a crew that you don’t see on-screen, to uplevel online visibility a successful salon brand requires marketing strategy and planning. Don’t delay getting your brand seen with unique images.


The seasons change 4 x per year, so I like to recommend clients do a photo shoot to create new content every 3 – 4 months. This keeps content fresh and instantly adds a seasonal experience to your imagery. Imagine having images of your salon space with your holiday flair and NYE party themes. 

Tip of the Trade
I recommend bringing the current season “in” to your salon environment with a seasonal merchandising theme. With some fresh ideas and creativity, you can create a salon experience that potential guests will not find elsewhere – and by photographing your space you can share this with the online community. Leverage your merchandising and displays by intentionally including them in your photoshoots.


Don’t leave your precious brand image to just any photographer, hire a professional. Get the most out of your photo session with someone who has knowledge and expertise. Top-of-the-line camera equipment, editing software, and a great eye behind the camera mean you are guaranteed to receive stunning, high-quality photos everyone will love.

Unlike stuffy studio portraits where you sit still or smile on cue, have fun, explore, and capture portraits inside your salon space that are organic and natural.


If you’re anything like me, inspiration comes from various sources. During your photoshoot share a current source of inspiration, a collection of inspirational images, objects, colors, textures, or other items and resources that have inspired you. There’s no right or wrong!

Uplevel your brand photography guide. Next time you’re racking your brain about creating new content, give this list a whirl. Even if you’ve taken similar images before, remember your business is always growing and changing so mix it up a little and you’ll find yourself with something fresh each time!


I hope with this guide I have inspired you to book your next photoshoot today! It is the best thing you can do for your brand and for your business. Don’t delay, uplevel your brand photography today and stand out with unique branded images that will set you apart.


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