Valentine’s Day Last Minute Gift Card Strategy

Cupid’s Day is quickly approaching, planning to implement a last minute gift card email campaign can add some love to 1st quarter revenue.

Rescue Procrastinators
Remind your guests about the convenience of gift card giving and offer an online gift card promotion. Email marketing gets your gift card promotion straight into client’s email boxes. 

To strike the most inboxes begin scheduling last minute gift card promotion 1 week prior to February 14th. The premise is simple, the more people that are aware of your Valentine’s Day gift cards, the more you will sell; the last 24 hours are the most popular time for Valentine’s gift card sales overall. We recommend you schedule your email campaign something like this:
Email 1: February 7: Last Minute Gift Card Offer
Email 2: February 11: Only 3 Days left!
Email 3: February 13: Last 24 Hours

Create a Strong Campaign
The first step to a strong campaign is the right offer, the right message, and the right image. A focused theme and catchy headline with attention-grabbing images increases open and click-through rates. 

Share the Love
In addition to emailing, share your last minute gift card special across all social media channels. Email and social media used together are a marketing partnership made in heaven.
Tip: The premise is a simple one; the more people that are aware of your gift card special, the more you are going sell. 

Keep the Love
Gift card promotions give beauty business owners the opportunity to turn a “gift card guest” into a repeat and loyal client. A solid first impression with their Valentine’s Day experience will make them more likely to return.
1. Ask each gift card guest to fill out a client card to allow future correspondence.
2. Treat each gift card guest like a VIP.
3. Re-book gift card guest for a follow-up service at end of experience. 

Show Some Love to Clientele
Create a special Valentine’s Day greeting to your clients, February is a great month to show your clientele some love. 

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