What Does Your Salon Brand Say About You? It Speaks Volumes Without Saying a Word

What first impression does your salon create in the minds of your clients? What lasting impression does it make? Charm is often overlooked, yet it is the most persuasive beauty communications tool there is. A beauty business requires a presence of charm to create a genuine connection with their audience. Simply put, charm is the secret weapon of successful beauty businesses. So, how can your beauty brand communicate with charm to become more engaging? It’s simple: Make every touch point with your beauty business brand delightful and inspiring. Communicate with charm.

To play a real role in the beauty industry, it is imperative that guests perceive your business highly.

How would clients rate your salon? How do they perceive your salon brand? Do they have an opinion on the level of service provided? Will they stick with your salon?

Details can make the difference between mediocrity and megastar status in the minds of your clients. Salons that offer that “je ne sais pas” factor enhances the salon experience and stands out from the rest. This is the essence of your salon – make your brand so charming and remarkable that your clients would never think about trying the competition.

3 elements that make your beauty business remarkable:

“Brand” is the definition of a business in shorthand, because you can’t explain the who and the what of your business to everyone (that would be exhausting!). Your brand is your beacon, it signals and calls out to your potential purchasers so they can find you.

What does your brand say about you? It speaks volumes without saying a word, good or bad. In a world littered with marketing noise and branding buzzwords, distinguishing your brand from the rest of the crowd is paramount to success.


Your image is dependent on what others think about you. Perfecting and refreshing your salon’s brand presence communicates and reflects your brand message. The goal is for a brand’s impression to create confidence and trustworthiness in your business.


Branding is a lot like flirting. Imagine the power of a brand that can genuinely flirt and connect with people. Brand is the combination of creative communications tools that say who and what you are in a visual snapshot. These tools communicate your salon’s identity in the form of fonts, color palette, logo, wordmark, patterns, images, and verbiage (voice). Branding is the creation of charm.

How well is your salon brand communicated, does it leave a lasting impression on clients and guests? A salon’s brand – when all working in harmony with image, impression and identity – are the perfect equation to an irresistible business.

When was the last time you freshened up your brand?

The average salon loses over 20 percent of its client base each month and, for every 10 new clients, less than 3 come back. Poor customer service certainly plays a part sometimes but there is a very different culprit to blame for low returns – branding.

Branding is how you communicate to the public why they should choose your salon. In other words, your brand is your business. The problem is that many salons imagine they can compete solely on the quality of their respective work. So, they select the same overused fonts, decor and colors as a hundred other salons and focus solely on getting their names out there. They try to maintain a competitive edge through quality alone but, in reality, doing a good job is not a basis for competition in the salon business; it is a requirement.

Many salons do a good job; they wouldn’t exist otherwise. The question is why someone should choose your salon over another. If the only answer you can give is the quality of the work you provide, the decision to choose your salon will be based solely on location and price.

Instead of getting in price wars with your competitors, creating a unique brand for your salon can attract more new clients and keep existing customers coming back. However you envision your salon’s brand, you have to convey your beauty business’ USP (unique selling point) to set your business apart from your competition to the public. Everything about your salon’s logo, color choices, layout, pricing, services offered and salon decor should all convey the same message.

The power of charm is captivating, influential and magnetic. Every brand can benefit from integrating charm into their creative communications. In the business of beauty the bar is set high, beauty brands need a distinctive style to stand out and attract fashion-savvy clients in an over-saturated market. BeautyMark Marketing’s professional brand identity services create charming, believable, well-positioned brands. Our brand development process focuses to enhance your business and enliven your beauty brand. Charm is a powerful way to deliver your brand message. Charmed? I’m sure.

When was the last time you freshened up your brand? If your answer is over 5 years it may be time to re-evaluate your brand and what it “says” about your business.

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