10 Ways to Increase Salon Retail Sales

Salon products have the potential to support revenue generated through treatments and increase profit margins, but relatively few salon managers concentrate on maximizing product sales. You might not be able to buy products in bulk with huge discounts in the same way that supermarkets and high street chains are able to, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up trying to sell products. Here’s a list of tips you can use to help boost your product sales, from making the most of salon software, to fostering friendly competition between team members!

#1: Teach your staff
When you’re trying to sell a product, it’s not just going to be your stylists who are dealing with the customer. Even if your stylist has spoken enthusiastically about a product, it’s likely to be the receptionist who seals the deal. Inform all your team about the merits of particular products, the common objections to buying each product, and how to overcome them. 

#2: Show customers products as you use them
It’s not just enough to talk about the shampoo that you’re using on your client’s hair. Instead, give them a bottle of the product to examine themselves. It’ll let them take a closer look and let them touch and smell it for themselves.

#3: Tempt customers with (small) discount
Even a small discount may be enough to sway a client into purchasing a product. Casually mention that you’re able to offer a discount if they express an interest in the product or compliment it as you’re using it. Don’t go for the hard sell – it could put your client off returning to your salon for treatments in the future.

#4: Stock products you believe in
If you’re passionate about a product and genuinely believe that it offers good value for money, it’ll show. Clients will be far more likely to purchase a product if you’re able to offer a convincing (and not overblown) recommendation. 

#5: Hold events and product parties
Holding an event at your salon one evening is a great way to encourage your clients to buy some of your products. Tempt them in by offering them free treatments and discounts on products – hopefully you’ll turn them into regular customers!

#6: Offer free consultations
Consultations give you an opportunity to show off your expertise. A free consultation should, of course, end with product and treatment recommendations.

#7: Keep your displays tidy and inviting
Organized product displays that are well lit and draw the eye are much more likely to tempt curious clients. Display products to the right of the door as your clients walk in – that’s where most clients will naturally look when they enter. Offer tester products – few will be able to resist!

#8: Themed window displays
Regularly update your window displays to match seasonal changes and trends. Passers-by will be drawn in by new, interesting displays. Whether it’s for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day – don’t be afraid to dress up your windows to match the occasion!

#9: Loyalty cards or points
Salon management software lets you keep track of your client’s spending and reward loyalty. Offer rewards when clients have spent a certain amount of money or buy a certain number of products.

#10: Team competitions
Run an informal competition between your employees – whoever sells the most each week gets a product of their choice for free – or an alternative cash prize.

Selling is all about providing something to your customers that they need – regardless or whether or not they know they need it before they enter your salon. Salon management software provides you with tons of information on your clients’ spending habits – knowledge is power!