Pump Up The Volume: Salon SEO Performance Tips

Is your website the principal tool in your salon marketing repertoire? If not, it should be. Salon websites provide salon owners the opportunity to broadcast their business and attract new clients over the world wide web. A rockin’ looking website is no longer enough, it also needs to be search engine optimized. Only a top of the charts search optimized web site will show up on the first page of a “salon search” web inquiry. If you are’t there, you are losing business to competitors who are.

What is search engine optimization (SEO for short)? SEO utilizes keywords to ensure your salon website gets ranked on the first page of an internet search for local salons in your area.Why SEO? This is how potential guests and salon groupies will find your salon website. Excellent SEO means more people finding you and more guests coming to your business.

How to rock your website SEO performance? Makeover your salon SEO through do-it-yourself optimizing tools or hire a professional. Regular content also plays a major role in creating a website top ten.Search engines look for fresh, up-to-date material for it’s customers, websites that post new content on a consistent basis rank more often on first page searches.

Here are some essential tips for optimizing your salon website; implementing these tips will gain more traffic to your site and more clients in your books!

No 1. Incorporate a blog into your salon website for highlighting short informative articles. Blog articles on a consistent basis, 4x per month minimum is necessary to create traffic traction. 

No 2. Create a unique page title for each page of your website. Each page title should include a keyword + include the location of your salon or spa (city and state).

For example: If the page is about hair color, the title should include both the salon name, service and location:  “Aveda hair color from Bluebird Salon in Venice Beach, CA”

No 3. Name or rename all image file names to include your keyword/s + include the location of your salon or spa.

For example: aveda-hair-color-from-bluebird-salon-venice-beach-CA.jpeg 

No 4. Tag or retag all image ‘alt’ tags with same keywords.

No 5. Anchor link every single page of your website to another page of the site with keywords:

For example: “Looking for Aveda color in Venice Beach, CA? Click here.”

No 6. Utilize keywords in the headlines of each page text (h1 or h2 tags).

No 7. Utilize keywords throughout copy on entire site.

If your salon website isn’t getting much airplay, determine if its time for a kick start or start over. From a few tweaks to a total makeover – top performing salon websites are the hit in your marketing tool kit. More traffic = more bookings = more clients.

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