Add-On | Express Services; Great Way to Add-On Salon Revenue

Increase your salon revenues on a daily basis by offering “add on” services for clients who are already receiving treatment. This can be added to your greeting upon client check in by mentioning a special offer or promotion that can be added-on {also called express service} either that day or BOOKED for another day during offer period. This is a low cost, high return strategy.

Through BeautyMark Marketing your Ready-To-Wear campaigns are easy to don and utilize the same campaign both online and in-store. Post campaigns on windows to get walk-bys into walk-ins; through mirror talkers to help upsell a client in your chair;  or though direct mail | handed out via the form of postcards and bounceback cards. Engage online through email, FB and home page advertising.

This is called “upselling” to a client already purchasing, this is NOT being pushy or greedy for more sales. You {and your service providers} are merely educating the client on what else is available. If 20 clients walk through your door per day for an appointment and you upsell only 2 of them (10%), over an aggregate period of 3 months, you can work out how much extra revenue this mean for you.

The trick is having one offer and the right offer in the form of a online and in-store campaign that all of your service providers can focus upon for a 2 – 3 month period. Give the client what they want, you are fulfilling your duty to offer ways for your client to look their best. The client wants new ideas and product suggestions from an expert. If you allow yourself to focus on those who say yes and not be put off or feel rejected by those who say no, you will start to see your revenues increase significantly over time.

Get aboard with a marketing program that is Ready-To-Wear! Let us do all the work.