Salon Marketing Ideas; Implementing A System to Salon Promotions

For most salon owners thinking up salon marketing ideas can be a thankless chore. Many find that salon marketing ideas are simply a 10% off day or 20% off when you book a course of three. Frankly, salon marketing ideas like that just won’t ‘cut the mustard’. You see these types of promotion don’t build your business. They kill your business. Why?

Because each time you employ this type of marketing you are simply taking money OUT of your till. You’re not putting extra cash INTO your till. Also you’re setting a precedent. No-one will now pay the full price for any of your service offerings. They’ll simply sit back and wait until you cut your prices. Really, cutting prices is almost the same as cutting your throat. DON’T DO IT. But what then? How exactly, are you going to build an offer WITHOUT slashing prices?

The answer is actually very simple – hire a salon marketing company – that will build an offer that adds massive value to the client at little or no cost to you. This type of salon marketing takes a little bit of work. It takes a little bit of application. BUT, if you build the promotion properly and sell it effectively, it can end up building you a strong following. Which is, after all, what successful business is all about.

You see devising the campaign, putting the materials together, publicizing the event, generating the interest, getting folk into the salon – all of these things are . BUT here’s the hard bit. If the staff that they employ can’t actively sell the products, then all that effort has come to absolutely nothing. So here’s the lesson: before embarking upon any promotion, be that an offer in salon or attempting to create retail sales, you need to ‘get your ducks in line’.

What I mean by this is that you need:

* ALL staff to understand what it is that you’re actually trying to achieve

* Make sure that EVERYONE has bought into and supports the promotion

* If possible create sales goals, targets for each and everyone to attain

* Reward and praise those that attain these targets

Ascertain the capability of each of the ‘sales’ staff in their sales techniques. Anyone who falls short of having the skills to make sales will need some form of sales training.