5 Reasons Why Your Salon Needs A Blog

Here are 5 reasons you should begin blogging today {Did you know that blogging is a service offered at BeautyMark Marketing…?}

1. Blog Content Can Make You A Beauty Authority

No matter who your salon’s ideal client type is, current fashion and beauty trends can get more web traffic and engage clients and prospects by simply interpreting or translating current color trends, fashions or styles and makes your salon look like a beauty authority that is “in the know”. Engage your audience with style savvy online content that helps attract more readers to your salon website and engages local prospects, and in turn triggers the phone calls or online appointment bookings, referrals, increased event attendance, and more.

2. The Best Form of Advertising

Blogs are a non-intrusive form of advertising. If you release useful info on your blog, your customers will consistently visit your website. Let’s say you release 3 posts a week. Your customers now see your name at least 3 times a week. And unlike commercials or newspaper ads, your customers are choosing to read your blog.

3. Higher Google Ranking

Google loves sites with frequent new content. Blogs are the best way of achieving this. Having a blog and frequently updating it will increase your search engine ranking. You will begin showing higher up when people search for hair salons in your market.

4. Strengthen Guest Relationships

You are giving valuable information away for free. This goes a long way in the customers’ eyes. It is human nature to want to give back to those who give to you. The more you give to your customers, the more they will give back to you in the form of continual business.

5. Get New Guests

At first, only current customers will read your blog. But soon, your customers will begin sharing your blog with friends. New eyes will begin seeing your name. That relationship your blog builds with current customers will begin building with these potential customers. It won’t be long before you begin getting new customers who found out about your through your blog.