How Spring | Summer 2012 Style Trends Can Build Salon Business

According to marketingcharts.com beauty, fashion, and style websites are second only to general news sites when it comes to total online audience numbers. Yet few salons are capitalizing on this huge, natural advantage when it comes to their own online integrated marketing and communications.

A nearly 10% increase in web traffic for beauty and style sites in May was specifically attributed to US reader’s interest in spring fashion and style ideas – the very topics which could (and should) be driving some of this online traffic to salon websites, blogs, and social media profiles – as Spring 2012 fashion and style hit runways from New York to Paris and throughout the world.

As a salon or spa owner you probably already know that you need to have an online presence in order to attract new clients. But while many salons have websites and social media profiles, and some have even gone to the next step in setting out to do email marketing and blogging, all too often these sites fall into disuse as busy professionals discover that coming up with fresh, relevant content – content that produces new clients and referrals – isn’t easy to come up with day in and day out.

That’s why BeautyMark loves the popularity of websites that feature beauty, fashion, and style news. This is a topic that is easy to use to get more salon website traffic and engage your audience online. Beauty, fashion, and style can provide a never-ending stream of new inspiration for online content that can help attract more readers to a salon website and/or blog and which engages local prospects and clients, which in turn triggers the phone calls or online appointment bookings, referrals, increased event attendance, and more.

No matter who your salon’s ideal client type is or what age range they fall into, current fashion and beauty trends can get more web traffic and engage clients and prospects by simply interpreting or translating current color trends, fashions, and styles from the runway or pages of fashion magazines into what works for real people in their day to day personal and professional lives. This is something done every day in a salon, interpreting client preferences and requests into makeup and hairstyles that make them feel runway-ready.

You don’t need to come up with new content ideas every day, but you do need to be engaged in online marketing every day if you want to improve your rankings in local online searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.  So getting more use out of anyone’s topic by using it across multiple channels and as the basis for multiple social media status updates can help you get a better return from your integrated social media, web, blog, and other online marketing tactics.

As a salon or spa owner, you have to know a lot of things that don’t fall within your actual profession per se. Besides being a stylist (makeup artist, masseuse, esthetician)  you may also be your own operations manager, human resources director, education and training specialist, bookkeeper, tax prep pro, and – yes – marketing director. If you are interested in a well-rounded marketing approach but are simply too pressed for time, or you need that steady stream of content and marketing ideas to work your online marketing and communications plan, BeautyMark Marketing can help.

BeautyMark has created the Ready-To-Wear Program which is perfect for salon owners who have limited amounts of time and money to invest in marketing their businesses.  The idea behind Ready-To-Wear is in effect having a virtual Marketing Department that
(1) Creates 10-12 promotions per year with high-end imagery, engaging headlines, and copywriting
(2) Customizes each promotion with an offer that will work specifically for your clientele (3) Brands each campaign with your logo and brand elements
(4) Provides full-service email marketing, including uploading and scheduling 10 campaigns per year to salon subscribers
(5) Integrates and posts the same R-T-W Campaigns on social media {Facebook and Twitter} (6) Depending on the Ready-To-Wear Package chosen creates in-store collateral {window clings, easel posters, mirror talkers, bounce-back cards} to maintain a consistent promotion both online and in-store
(7) Blogging services are also available to help SEO and drive traffic to the salon website.

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