Without Client Attraction Your 2013 Salon Marketing Plan Doesn’t Matter!

When it came time to plan our 2013 Ready-To-Wear Salon Marketing Calendar we focused on providing salon professionals with ways to attract new clients to the salon.

It’s so simple; you can’t engage people without first attracting them. You can’t develop loyalty without providing them with a memorable experience.

Nothing happens in business without client attraction.

When it comes to salon marketing ideas for 2013, do you have a plan?

Do you have a marketing plan designed to effectively reach your ideal client types?  Or does most of your 2013 salon marketing plan revolve around retail and service selling that can only occur after you’ve somehow figured out how to get more clients in to your salon?

Allure, charm (noun)to powerfully attract or entice

Your salon marketing plan should be the “force” that acts between your salon and your ideal client types to grow your business. It’s critical that your marketing plan for 2013 goes beyond word of mouth marketing when it comes to client attraction.

Your 2013 salon marketing plans should be based on ideas that will attract new clients to your salon and must include both online and offline marketing strategies and tactics.  

The BeautyMark Marketing 2013 Ready-To-Wear Marketing System provides 12 months of pre-made campaigns featuring fresh promotional offers with a catchy headline-driven approach, high end imagery and an editorial look and feel. Let’s get it started!