Salon Industry Overview ~ Cliches All Day!

In a culture of cult-like beauty and fashion aspiration, salon services have transformed from a luxury to an absolute necessity. Although demand has increased, salon marketing and branding strategies remain in dire need of an industry-wide makeover.

Salon clichés

The salon industry is full of marketing clichés. The “sameness” of salon marketing and salon branding strategies makes it hard to distinguish one salon from another. The industry standard for decor, merchandising, colors, imagery, messaging and fonts are so overused they are no longer effective.

Salons almost always fail to differentiate and communicate their uniqueness.

If new clients don’t understand what makes your salon unique, there is a higher likelihood that they will move on when the next hot deal comes around. You need to stand out and offer something specific to build loyalty and enthusiasm.

Use the salon industry mundanity to your advantage… be memorable.

Rock your salon brand!

5 Ways To Stand Out: 

1} Updated Brand Identity

2} Modern Color Palette

3} Editorial-Like Imagery

4} Catchy, Headline-Driven Messaging

5} Consistent Compelling Promotion Both Online and In store

Here are some other creative ideas to stand out:

1} Create a signature treatment that you can become known for, and build off of it for future treatments

2} Create a hair tutorial video series on YouTube featuring your salon hairstylists

3} Establish your salon or spa on Foursquare, Facebook Places, and Yelp so that your customers can check in and let their friends know when they have visited your business.

4} Include online booking functionality on your website.

5} Match the experience a customer has in-person with all other touch-points {marketing outlets}; this creates a comfort level that reinforces brand loyalty.

6} Set up a text/or e-mail reminder service (depending on your clientele) to communicate appointment reminders, promote events and advertise special offers.

7} Build loyalty with follow-up surveys; asking for your clients’ feedback encourages a return visit.

8} Do something memorable. Create a branded lip balm and stash at every station for clients to take home.

If you are a salon owner or manager looking for professional salon marketing services that will get you noticed. let’s get started by visiting BeautyMark Marketing today!