Dermworx Professional Skincare Rebrand by BeautyMark Marketing


We LOVE how BeautyMark Marketing’s latest re-brand project for professional skincare brand Dermworx turned out!

DermWorx Professional Skincare

AcneWorx is a non-drying 2% Salicylic Acid Cream that uses patented nanotechnology to employ a water-based vehicle. It has clinically proven efficacy, but without the skin-drying or irritating solvents found in most salicylic acid formulations.

MoistureWorx is a novel, non-greasy white petrolatum delivered as a fine mist spray.It is a highly effective skin protectant and moisturizer without the inconveniences associated with traditional white petrolatum products.

CerumWorx Stable 10% Vitamin C Serum is a highly-penetrating and stable vitamin C serum for anti-aging and skin repair.While many vitamin C serums lose potency rapidly after first use, our unique formulation helps maintain potency over time and deliver optimal benefits to the skin.

LidoWorx 4% Lidocaine Gel is a rapid-onset topical anesthetic for professional use only.
Juventio’s proprietary Small Molecule Soluabilization System provides highly efficient skin penetration, which translates to less “waiting” time for the patient.

Juventio is happy to present the DermWorx professional line of skincare products, available at

DermWorx professional line of skincare products, available at