Get Celebrating! Salon Ready-Made Holiday Campaigns

Is your salon ready for holiday marketing? We are! Check out BeautyMark’s December Ready-To-Wear Campaign.

How nice would it be to have professional salon marketing tools at your fingertips, without having to lift a finger? (well…maybe just to click the mouse) Imagine stunning salon promotions with rock-solid results…

Simply choose the campaign, edit the offer, and press send… we do all the rest. You’re always moments away from having a professionally crafted, customized salon campaign. This special new subscription service is available only from BeautyMark Marketing and we are confident you will find it the most stylish, effective, and useful salon marketing system you could ever dream of. There’s simply nothing else out there like it.

Beauty Industry Expertise – Our true love of style and beauty combined with salon industry-specific knowlege allows us to mix business with pretty.

Editorial-Design & Styling – Benefit from gorgeous editorial design and styling, modern graphics and type, and on-trend color palettes and themes.

Captivating Copywriting – Our headline driven approach gets read and responded to. Tongue-in-cheek headlines, catchy tag lines and fresh service offerings give your promotion personality.

A Rockin’ ROI {Rate Of Return} – Our call to action campaigns get both current and potential clients to ACT. Imagine the combined dollar return of: 1} Reinvigorated otherwise disengaged clients 2} Increased visit frequency of current clients 3} Cross-selling services 4} Adding 3 – 15 new clients per month and 5} An overall boost in your salon marketing response rate. Clients are acquired, engaged, and maintained through advertising. The cost of cultivating a client is minimal if compared to the potential annual revenue generated per client ($1000 – $2000 on average).

High-End Imagery – Our campaigns feature premium photography with fresh, modern styling.

Client Curator – Our promotions are the perfect match for attracting new clients, increasing visit frequency of current clients, and bringing back existing clients. It’s a triple hit threat.

“I Can’t Believe It” Price – R-T-W subscribers receive sophisticated salon marketing services for 1/4 of the cost. By servicing only the salon industry niche, subscribers “share” the expense of professionally crafted campaigns at a fraction of the cost to independently hire the same services from a marketing agency.

Compelling Offers – Our campaigns feature low-cost, value-added offers. BeautyMark implements a combination of strategic styles and promotional methods including: maximize calendar {both seasonal & holiday}, special packages, up-sell and cross-sell, add-on services, friend referrals, encourage gift card sales, limited-time offers, and bonus treatment offers.

Everything Is Done For You! – Instead of implementing your salon marketing efforts in-house, let BeautyMark act as your marketing agent. We will administer the R-T-W System on your salon’s behalf across all digital platforms & handle associated print production services. Simply put, we rock!

We’ve Got Your Calendar Covered – A full calendar year of pre-made promotions that cover needs from January through December.