Why aren’t you on BeautyMark’s Ready-To-Wear Salon Promotion System?

Why aren’t you on BeautyMark’s Ready-To-Wear Marketing System?

Don’t miss out on the sales you could capture during this next holiday season with the right offer, the right message & the right marketing. During December, marketing becomes even more crucial because your guests are looking for the most compelling reason to buy this season. The key to successful marketing is knowing what to offer, how to reach your guests and when to execute your campaign. Our Ready-To-Wear Marketing System can help!

What type of business is our Ready-To-Wear Marketing System for?

BeautyMark’s Ready-To-Wear Marketing System is a semi-customizable, professionally crafted marketing campaign system suited specially for salons/spas. Our system has everything you need to “wow” your guests this year and make the most out of the christmas season and holiday celebrations. The Ready-To-Wear Marketing System offers a unique solution with countless benefits for your business and your clients. Getting started on your holiday marketing sooner will ensure you take full advantage of your sales potential, but this coming Holiday Season you don’t have to do it alone – keep calm and call BeautyMark!

Your efforts, combined with our recommended offers, unique designs and professional advice will deliver an effective marketing campaign that will out-perform your competition. Just look at some of the benefits that our Ready-To-Wear Marketing system has to offer:

1. Alleviate the pressure on you to figure out how to market for this coming Holiday Season.

2. Receive suggested offers for your business and gain knowledge of our proven offers so you don’t have to guess what will work.

3. Have the use of semi-customizable, professional designs that properly convey your offer.

4. Receive online & offline marketing materials to use in your business.

This system is great for you if:

1. You spend too much of your time trying to come up with new ideas to get clients in the door.

2. You are doing your own marketing and you are struggling with creating offers, designing material or executing consistently.

3. Your clients are coming in less frequently or not returning at all.

4. Your advertising is costing you more money than it is generating in sales.

5. Your business doing okay but you know it could do better.

This system is designed to elevate your business by focusing on:

– What marketing really means to your business and your clients.

– Why your brand image is so important.

– How to structure a compelling offer without using traditional discounting.

– A unique method of marketing that will increase your sales this year.

Marketing Made Easy:

1. Subscribe or Purchase

Choose if you wish to subscribe or purchase a RTW package.

2. Choose your campaign

Once you complete your subscription or package purchase, you will have access to a our entire library of available campaigns. 

3. Customize your campaign

BeautyMark customizes text and your logo to finish the campaign’s customized look. Suggested copy and offers are provided to help and maximize your results from the campaign.

4. Implement your campaign.

Once we have completed customizing your campaign, our team will implement your campaign email and social media posts for you.

Are you ready to get started on your Holiday 2013 marketing campaign?Professionally Designed Marketing Campaign Templates For Spas & Salons. Subscribe or purchase your package today, its not too late to put the BeautyMark Ready-To-Wear Salon Marketing System to work for your salon or spa today.