Selling Salon Services vs. selling the “Salon Experience”?

Do salons and spas simply sell “hair cuts” and “massages”? 

Salon advertising promotes salon (and spa) services and products, but rather than focusing on the price point, the promotion or the special offer what beauty business’ should be selling the salon experience. 

The way the client feels when they leave the salon is the reason they pay for salon services. It’s ultimately not a salon’s price point, skills, education, or relationships that keep them coming back for more. Its how you make them feel.

Most marketing campaigns fall short and fail to communicate the “results” or the “outcome” from receiving salon or spa services. Stop thinking about your beauty business tools in terms of skills, services and products. Focus instead on identifying, improving and adding to the salon experience you provide your guests and advertise that.

Instead of telling everyone about you and your business, instead tell them how coming to your salon will make them feel. The desired outcome of every woman when visiting a salon is to FEEL BEAUTIFUL. Focus on how to make guests feel and you are more likely to hit the mark.

Selling Salon Services vs. selling the “Salon Experience”?