Salon Marketing Re-Imagined as Client Curation Tools

It’s not a website, it’s a prospective client magnet.
It’s not social media, it’s a real time engagement tool.
It’s not an email blast, it’s an invitation.

Reimagine your salon marketing as client curation tools, and the return on investment as new clients. A salon website’s primary function is to attract ideal client types to your salon through web traffic. Social media is a real time engagement tool to share tips, news and salon updates, and email marketing is an invitation to try your salon services. Evaluate the content of your client curation tools and make sure they are optimized to attract your target market.

Salon Website
Your salon website is your digital home, the place where you provide all your local contact information including hours of business, phone numbers and location.

Salon Blog
Once your digital home is set up, add a blog page by installing WordPress on your domain, or as a subdomain. Begin blogging to establish yourself as a hair and/or beauty expert, to keep your content fresh, to increase your organic SEO, and to optimize your salon “find-ability”.

Some ideas for blog posts include:
Hair style and beauty trends
Tools of the trade
Styling tips
Hair how to’s
Salon specials
All content created on your blog can be shared to your social media networks too!

Salon Social Media
Showcase your work, hair and beauty images are the perfect content for social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram.
Some ideas for social media posts include:
Before and after hair styles of clients
Behind the scenes at your business (clients currently receiving treatments)
Inside your salon – show off your salon interior
Showcase your salon team
Exclusive deals and coupons for your followers

Pinterest for Salons
Pinterest takes sharing style to a new level. Curate the type of content that attracts your target market and simultaneously builds your reputation as a beauty expert. 
Some board ideas for a salon/hair style business could include:
Celebrity hair styles
Hair accessories
Industry Inspiration
Tools that make managing a style easier
Coupons and specials only available to social media followers
Trends in hair
How-To’s for hair styling

Some Pinterest tips: Name your boards and give them a description that will help to be found. Use Pinterest often and at different times, pin other peoples content as much as you share, and focus on providing value.

Twitter for Salons
Get your message across in only 140 characters With over 200 million users and only 140 characters to get your message across you may be thinking that Twitter isn’t the place for your business but you’d be wrong. Twitter is a great platform for real time engagement and conversations, broadcasting your message, providing help and keeping up on trends. 
Some Twitter tips:
Share blog posts
Share Pins and Instagram photos
Share hair advice content (videos, articles, images)
Share exclusive promotions

Facebook for Salons
Facebook provides your salon the largest opportunity to connect and engage the largest audience; current guests, salon fans, and potential clients. Creating a Facebook page is the relatively easy part, it is engaging your audience thats the hard part. The basics call for a salon profile including your business location, hours, profile image (your salon logo) and cover photo. Monitor what content and time of day that works best.

Facebook Tips:
Run a share referral contest through a third party app
Highlight salon employees
Share images of client before and afters
Notify your fans to any upcoming promotions
Share trend content such as images, videos or articles related to hair, beauty and style trends 

Facebook Ads for Salons
Use Facebook ads to hyper target your audience and sell your services to them
Use Facebook ads to extend the reach of your posts
Use Facebook ads to target those in your community to grow your page

YouTube for Salons
A picture is worth a thousand words they say, so how many words is video worth? A powerful client curator, video showcases your salon talents and personality to those looking for your services.

YouTube Tips:
Link your Google+ page to your YouTube channel
Create a business profile in the about section and add a cover photo
Include links to your salon website and social channels
Subscribe to relevant channels and comment on videos
Create playlists of curated video relevant to style and fashion (title and include well written descriptions)
Create how-to videos on everything hair related! 
Product reviews on everything from hair tools to hair products
Celebrity how-to’s (how to style your hair like popular celebrity)
Current client testimonials

Reimagine your salon’s social media and digital marketing as the digital world’s networking techniques. To increase salon brand awareness and grow a loyal following create, collect, and share content to engage potential clients. When used properly a salon’s digital presence can be the greatest client curator of all.