Salon Marketing: Are You Missing Part 2? The Follow Up

Savvy salon owners know there are two parts to a successful salon marketing system. Part 2 begins the second AFTER you get a new client through your door and helps increase your new client retention rate. What is this Part 2 you ask…? Follow Up!

Follow Up is the simple term for reconnecting with a client after their first visit – all the pieces of salon client follow-up are part of a system. Most salons use follow-up phone calls and email to engage and reengage clients, but leave direct marketing unused in the marketing toolbox.

Direct Marketing collateral gives you the best chance to communicate with your clients when they’re not in the salon. Follow up does work – when you work it.

Traditional printing can be expensive, especially compared to the cost of sending an email or making a telephone call, but the effectiveness of this method makes it well worth the cost. Your salon message gets dressed up with collateral pieces that are deemed “personal” and are delivered straight into the hands of your guest.

Make your direct marketing collateral piece personable and include a compelling call to action or special offer. This is your opportunity to get a return visit and increase the odds of booking an appointment through a phone call or online booking. Mission accomplished – you’ve brought the client back to your salon.

Are you following up with your clients?

Samples of Follow-Up collateral items, the Welcome Packet, Wish You Were Here Postcards.