Is Your Salon Marketing Plan Working 24/7?

Is your salon marketing plan working 24/7? Your salon’s online digital presence is a valuable piece of the overall salon marketing puzzle. The web is exploding with marketing opportunities. When a salon’s online presence is developed and executed professionally it can generate new salon leads for you 24/7.

If Facebook, Twitter, G+, and Pinterest apps aren’t a part of your marketing strategy, you are missing out on a vast opportunity to grow your brand. Salon owners need to adapt to a new way of digital marketing, a strong digital media presence is a necessity to reach your current clients, get new leads, and to aid in the expansion and development of your salon brand.

Do you need help to spread the word of mouth online about your salon or spa? Too busy to keep up with your presence online but want to reap more positive results from word of mouth? Sign up for one of our easy plans to have your social media management or your blog DONE FOR YOU. Let BeautyMark help you better leverage social media to expand your influence beyond your salon front doors.

  • Showcase your salon’s expertise in hair care, wellness and beauty

  • Share articles from notable beauty, hair, style and fashion sources

  • Create constant flow of fresh content to reach out and engage

  • Share the scoop about your business {events, promotions, etc}

  • Attract clients that value the expertise of your salon and staff

  • Generate more traffic and positive online reviews

  • Improve your rankings in the search engines with more online content

Step 1:  Harness Traffic
We specialize in designing social media posts that new leads and clients just can’t resist. Our simple strategy creates “buzz” that captivates and compels them to make an appointment.

Step 2:  Transform Marketing Into New Clients
Our captivating and compelling call to actions capture social media follower’s interest and transforms them to new salon leads. We get their attention and to salon promos and offers. 

Step 3:  Cultivate New Salon Leads
Elevate your business by capturing highly qualified leads for your business. Better leads meanbetter profits. Sit back and relax as our social media services turn into fresh salon leads.