Beauty Business Investment Must Have: Brand Styling

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business – Steve Forbes

Do you find yourself “explaining” your beauty business to people? Why are you leaving the most important element to interpretation or chance? The only way to start a business off right is with a beautiful brand. Branding says who you are without having to speak a word.

Stand Out

We believe it is especially important that beauty businesses have a unique and well designed brand created just for them. Our brand development process meets the needs of both the business owner and target market through unique business presentations that stands out in a crowd.

Branding Strategy

For beauty businesses branding strategies are an important marketing component to help distinguish themselves amongst fierce competition. It is important to identify a desired brand image and hold true to impress that image in the minds of guests and potential guests.

Create Experience

Create experiences that complement and support your desired brand image. For example, to nurture an upscale image make sure to convey this through not only logo, signage and marketing materials, but through how personnel are dressed, the store design and every element of the client experience.

Consistency Counts

Consistency across all marketing channels is critical to brand success. A salon brand is based on multiple touch points that clients have with you. Attention to detail is important in establishing a strong brand identity. Make sure that every engagement a client has with your salon is consistent to support your brand identity. The personality of your brand should be expressed in a consistent manner from website design, social media posts, emails, menus, signage and promotions. 

About us 

At BeautyMark we live, sleep and breathe beauty – hair, spa, cosmetics, skincare – anything beauty and wellness is our specialty and our passion.

BeautyMark Marketing is a design, marketing and communications agency that focuses specifically on the beauty and wellness industry. This means that we not only can design anything (from web design, logos, menus, welcome packets etc.) for your business but we can also help with increased brand awareness for your beauty business (salon, product or brand ) through social media strategy, website development, email marketing, blogging, and ready-to-wear promotions to achieve your beauty business/salon’s objectives.

Beauty and wellness is our passion. Through the knowledge and specialization in this industry, we can help the beauty segment with specialized design and marketing. We mix business with pretty.